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"Body is made in Kitchen!" says the talented actor in a chit chat with Vanya's Notebook!

For now, while celebrating the 100th post on my blog, the person I present here is surely THE best and needs no formal introduction! But yes, I am really happy that Vanya’s Notebook could go further, now, to TellyWood! Many of my readers are sure to watch Television. And the GenX surely watches Channel [V] and when bestselling authors like Durjoy Dutta and Sumrit Shahi write the script of the show, it’s a must watch! When a person watches a show, he/she is sure to have a favorite character; the person I am talking about is surely your favorite from Channel [V] and many more shows! So, here is Ankit Gupta (Parth Kashyap of Sadda Haq fame) unplugged for you …

Vanya’s Notebook- To begin with, I will ask the most clich├ęd question ever asked to anyone. How did acting occur to you? I mean, why suddenly modeling or acting?

Ankit--Not suddenly, I always wanted to be an actor. So I started modeling. Did well in modeling then moved to Bombay.

Vanya’s Notebook- In the struggling years of your career (which every actor once goes through) I am sure you must have seen the harsh side of this industry. How was the new experience for you and how did you bag the first offer?

Ankit--I would not say struggling period. Struggling is a very negative period according to me. I would say learning period which always goes on. It feels great when people loves my work and supports me. After seeing the other side of the industry, I am enjoying every bit now.

Vanya’s Notebook-And then a series of offers for both acting and modeling came through. You were also a part of the once TRP topper Balika Vadhu of Colors and for now, as far as I know, you are the face of John Miller; how was the transition? Modeling or acting? What’s your choice?

Ankit—After Balika Vadhu I wanted to do something substantial. I bagged Mahabharata for Star Plus as Sahadev, but then was not very much keen to do that. So continued with modeling. Did big campaigns like John Miller, Fashion Big Bazaar, Airtel etc. I prefer acting any given day but I love modeling too.

Vanya’s Notebook- I am (and I am sure most of my readers are too) a regular viewer of Sadda Haq, the Channel [V] TRP topper starring You, Harshita Gaur and Param Singh in the lead roles, what were your thoughts when you were starred in the show midway when it was already a hit one?

Ankit--Most of the people don't know that I was the first one to sign for Sadda Haq. However, my track started late. That's how the story was supposed to be from the very beginning. So nothing like that I came in midway or something. And I knew Harshita &Param already before the show so we had good bonding. And we have hell lot of fun on the set.

Vanya’s Notebook- Parth Kashyap, the character you play in Sadda Haq is a man who talks less, is mature, smart, and intelligent, and has a bad past and an even worse love life. Is Ankit Gupta, as a person, anywhere related to Parth?

Ankit--Somehow yes. I have seen many ups and downs in life probably something like Parth only. But I focus on present and am very happy. And everybody has some or the other issues in their pasts so I think everybody are kind of related to Parth.

Vanya’s Notebook- I had heard somewhere that you are in love with sky diving, it being one of your hobbies! A unique hobby I must say. Which was the best sky diving location according to you? And how many hobbies do you have?

--Well I haven't got a chance to do it yet. But am sure one fine day I will get some time for myself. I heard New Zealand is a good place for sky diving. It has started in India also.

Vanya’s Notebook- All thanks to the show, all your viewers, and fans to be precise has drooled over your physic, your perfectly sculpted body! What’s the mantra of your fitness? Any special fitness regime you follow?

Ankit--Body is made in kitchen. I eat well. Take proper care of what I am eating. I avoid eating out or junk food. Eat good, stay positive and workout under a professional.

Vanya’s Notebook- I am pretty much aware of the female fan following that you have. Any incident of a girl gang swarming around you for a look at you or an autograph?

Ankit--Gang?? Well, haven’t come across yet. But sometimes fans visit our set or girls call out my name while going to gym or when I’m out.

Vanya’s Notebook- What was the best compliment you received till date? And of course, from whom?

Ankit-- From my mom. She said now I am acting well. Otherwise, she is never satisfied with the work I do.

Vanya’s Notebook- To be very frank, I couldn’t stop myself from asking you this- In a relationship? Single? Married? Engaged?

Ankit--That's a secret (laughing).

Vanya’s Notebook- I am pretty sure our readers would love to know a few things about you, so let’s play a simple game! Answer whatever comes first in your mind when I say these words, just make sure it’s the first thing that comes in your mind- Life, Love, Favorite food, Favorite color, Rains, Darkness, Future, Friends…

Ankit-- Life - my family
Love – myself                                    
Favorite food - choley chawal
Favorite colors - black, White
Rains - water drainage
Darkness - time before the sunshine
Future - Bollywood
Friends - I have very few.

Vanya’s Notebook- Though I don’t want to end talking to you, I also don’t want to bore you with my questions. Before parting, I would like to request you to leave a few words for the readers (mainly your fans) and of course for my blog!

Ankit--I am overwhelmed with the love and support for Parth & for Ankit. Keep loving & watching Sadda Haq. I wish to entertain you guys whole my life.

It has been a pleasure talking to you Ankit! Wishing you loads and loads of success in your life!”
‘Thank you so much.’

Ankit Gupta, though being one of the finest actors of the era, has a golden heart! It has been a heart-warming experience talking to one of the handpicked actors of the TellyWorld! Here is Vanya’s Notebook, congratulating him for his success for now and forever… looking forward to see more of him on Television!

PS- If you want to ask Ankit Gupta any questions, drop in here at the comment box and Ankit would reply to one and all!


  1. Thanku so much for interview .. Superb answers Ankit
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  2. thanks a lot for the interview
    ankit are really awesome with a really cool personality!
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    keep shining and smiling ankit!

  3. Thanks a lott Vanya's notebook for Ankit Gupta's interview.
    He is an amazing personality with "down to earth" attitude.
    Once again fell in love with him...
    The way he answered each questions... loved it..
    Waiting for more interviews of Ankit...