Saturday, 21 June 2014

Murdered to Moksha by Rohit Shetty: a review

The name; doesn't it send chills down the spine? Murdered to Moksha? Keeping the name and the cover in mind people would expect it to be a thriller but is that the only thing in the book? The end to the book surely reveals why this book is named so.

On the back cover- ‘Wife’s murderer or a victim of fate?’ This headline flooded the news channels. A 35yr old guy killing his wife at City Hospital and then trying to jump off the same building. A selfish, ruthless murdered who took away a 10yr old girls’ mother and then attempted a suicide. Why? Financial problems? No. Disputes with wife? No. Mentally unstable? No. Then, why? Only person who had an answer to this question. He,himself. His silence even at the court sessions added to the twists of the case. He said nothing in his defense neither hired a lawyer. He seemed heartless, cold blooded killer, a murderer, a maniac, mentally unstable to the world. Every medium spoke bad for him but no one really cared to know the reason why he killed his wife. He was a murderer until….

Looks like a thriller from the cover. The book turns out to be a love story at the beginning. The story of a successful entrepreneur, of Aarav Rathore, can keep any kind of reader interested.

As the story gets the flow, the mystery unfolds, it becomes interesting. The book has been written in such a way that the characters come to life. One could feel the situations the characters are in.

The research at the end of the book comes of huge help and is of great interest to every reader. The way the story ended keeps the reader dazed for a very long time. The grammatical errors of the book at times disturb the flow of the reader.

Aarav has been misspelled at places and at places it clearly shows that the book is co-authored. Proper proofreading could’ve taken the book to some other level. All in all, a wonderful read. Perfect end, would rate the book 3.75 out of 5.

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