Monday, 2 June 2014

It's for you MIHI by Md. Asif: a review

The name in itself gives in the immense love that is given to write the book. And after reading the book, I can very surely say that the book is surely meant for Mihi. The two rings in the cover also hold huge importance throughout the book.

According to the back cover- Have you ever fought for a friend who was bashed badly while running nude on the way? Have you ever climbed up a building through a mango tree, just for catching a glimpse of her? Do you have such utterly romantic girlfriend who follows your words as that of the God? Have you ever given your girlfriend a sheer surprise on the bank of a pond outside the town at 12am? Have you ever travelled about 1000km for a girl who broke up with you around 270 days ago? Have you ever get caught stealing diary of your berthmate in a train? Have you ever attempted suicide? How would you react when the reason of the traumas you suffered, which had resulted in a failed suicide attempt, proves to be a fake one? It’s for you MIHI will take you on a journey filled with an overwhelming love story where the pit of your stomach will be sacked by all the emotions known to human world. You will get goosebumps in the due course of experiencing joys and sorrows. You will eventually become an invisible and impulsive part of this romantic saga. Join Asif in his encounter with the love of his life and the heedless experiences that came along with the package.

Giving out a lot about the book, the blurb surely guarantee’s a fun read. Basically a love story, the book also has elements of friendship, family along with it. Asif and Mihi, their love story is great to read.

In the beginning, I was a bit confused about the storyline. But then when the story picked the speed, I couldn’t keep the book. It was a very engaging read. The emotions were bang on. The feeling of hatred, of love, everything was very much visible to the readers giving it a wow feel in reading the book.

I loved the characterizations of the book; the elements used in it gave out a feeling of reality which is very much commendable. The storyline was nice and the way the author has put it forth the readers is even better.

The few things I wanted to say about the book are the editing errors! The book could’ve been edited a bit more properly giving it a better finishing and an enriching storyline would’ve done the trick. I would like to rate the book 3.5 out of 5 waiting for more to come from the writer.

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