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'Hold on to your love to the last moment if your love is pure and true' - Rikky Bhartia answers Vanya's Notebook about love, life and books

A handsome author, a Chartered Accountant, now ‘bestselling’, often also termed as the ‘love-guru’ of today’s time in social networking, with coverage in ‘n’ number of newspapers, first edition sold out, second in print and only one book old; here I present a chit chat with Rikky Bhartia, of Me ‘n’ Her A strange feeling fame!

Vanya’s Notebook- According to you what does it take to be an author, or should I add that what does it take to be a 'published' author?

Rikky-- To be a published author all it takes is a beautiful and interesting script, which has the capability of drawing attention and interests of publishers towards it, and of course makes a place of it in the hearts of readers.

Vanya’s Notebook- How did the idea of writing a full manuscript come in your mind? Did you have any certain objective you wanted your novel to achieve?

Rikky-- Writing a full manuscript was never in my mind, I never thought to be an author or a published author, and it all happened with the course of time, the first time when the wish of getting published and get read hit my mind, half of the first draft was written and came out to be beautiful. Yes I want my novel to get the message delivered to the teenagers about crush, infatuation, friendship and true love and to teach them to hold on to their love till the last moment if their love is true and pure. 

Vanya’s Notebook- In the huge crowd of teen-age authors, where do you place yourself?

Rikky-- First I am not a teenage author so I don’t place myself among them, neither my story is of teenage love nor do I believe in teenage love. Love is a very complicated and matured feeling, which generally today’s teenagers are not capable of understanding.

Vanya’s Notebook- What was your reaction when you were approached for the first interview? When you got your first review and when your name first appeared in the news? And which was your much awaited review?

Rikky—The most awaited review if you say by reader was the first one which filled me with smile on my lips and tears in eyes. As an expert review, first by Himani Gupta was most awaited and when I received that with  smashing 4.5, I was just in some other world. I read the full review at least 3 times unable to believe such words written by her for my book. Called her and thanked her and had a good talk. First interview was also by her only pre release and I was very scared as to what the questions will be sent and what will I reply. First news was featured by Hindustan Times, and I felt, I did something really big today. My entire family congratulated calling me and said ‘Rikky ab bohot bara aadmi ban gaya and jald hi itna popular ban jaega ki appointment leni hogi’ nothing can compare this.

Vanya’s Notebook- Are there any certain styles of writing you were hugely attracted to? Any inspiration?

Rikky-- Well to be frank, I didn’t read a single book before I started writing this book, but yes after I started writing I read few books and Chetan Bhagat and Ravinder Singh are my inspirations among Indian authors.

Vanya’s Notebook- Tell us something about your personal life, other than the pen and paper fight!

Rikky-- Well even my personal life also have a background of pen and paper fight, pen and paper have been my best companions since childhood, I loved my studies and always had them in hands, and since I am a Chartered Accountant you know well how much both these are important to me. Though I like listening to soft music in my loneliness and ‘hum’ songs when I’m alone and to be heard by none.

Vanya’s Notebook- Who is your best friend, pillars or support in life and in the industry?

Rikky— In life unfortunately now I don’t have any best friend. But my pillars are my parents. And I had one best friend during my CA student life and one best friend, well you all know the girl behind this novel.

Vanya’s Notebook- What are you promising your readers before they buy a copy of your manuscript.

Rikky-- Just that there next 6-8 hours of reading this book are going to be awesome when they are going to become a part of a unique, sweet yet complicated love story, which is a blend of love, friendship, sacrifice, passion and much more...

Vanya’s Notebook- What are your plans about your career? Are you going to establish yourself as a permanent writer?

Rikky-- Not planned anything about this as of yet, as it will too early to think anything, but yes if destiny and life gives me opportunity I would love to nourish my writing and creativity more and make people read more of me.

Vanya’s Notebook- Tell us something about your publishing company hunt, if it was any.

Rikky-- Hunt for Publishing House was scary at the scratch, as I had heard a lot that to get a publisher for your script especially without having any background is really tough, many rejections later finally Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd accepted my book after three rounds, though after signing the agreement I received two more acceptances.

Vanya’s Notebook- What is writing to you?

Rikky— Writing to me is something which gives me lot of peace, happiness and the way to let out my feelings. And it’s the mightiest weapon to change the world and society and I want to do that.

Vanya’s Notebook- Being a bestselling author now, how do you feel when you look back in time?

Rikky— Aah it feels nice. Obviously it will, who won’t like success and gets his work loved. I see a lot of changes in me. I am becoming polite and my patience level has increased. I even see myself more confident and extrovert now. I mean previously I was scared of sharing my pics and now I want to be everywhere. I am no more worried about my looks and people comments.

Vanya’s Notebook- We will be glad to have a message by you, for our blog.

Rikky-- Your blog is doing good job Sharanya, by reviewing lot of new books, and you know it well too as you receiving two books a day from authors desperate to get your review on them, and you as a person are very sweet, I like your innocence and straight forward attitude. Keep it up.

It was great talking to you too Rikky! All the best for this one and many more to come!”
We surely had a great time interacting with Rikky Bhartia and I hope you guys too have had a wonderful time getting to know your favourite author more! For knowing more about Me ‘n’ Her, you can scroll down my blog, for it has a review on it too!

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