Thursday, 12 June 2014

Four Corners of the Circles by Mohit Jain with Amrita Sood: a review

A perfect book for MBA aspirants, a self-help book just what the doctor ordered before stepping into the shoes of MBA. A book by debut authors, wonderfully crafted makes it a must read.

On the back cover- Ever heard about the four corners of the circle? Since childhood, t has been taught in schools that the circle has no concern. Life is a never ending marathon. It keeps on revolving in circles and everyone is in search of a final destination, a corner that they never reach. This book is a small initiative to throw light on different aspects of the education system and how could we join hands to make it more productive. It guides the aspiring students to follow a right approach, take correct decisions, and overcome distractions in their career. It advocated that the educational institutions should focus on enlightening the lives of the students by providing quality education, quality learning ambiance, practical grounds to implement class room theories, and by helping students convert their black cat into a white one. The book is neither biased toward students nor educational institutes; the sole purpose is to provide their individual perspectives and reach to a common conclusion. The book contains five theories, which Mr. Mohit Jain has discovered in his sixteen years of teaching experience and which would help the youngsters reach closer and closer to their goals. This book is about us.

A queer name for a book as such, I found (and I am sure all the readers would find) the book to be a productive, engaging and wonderful read giving insights on everything a student’s life needs to know about.

The Nine Point theory © Mohit Jain is one of the best theories I have read till date and I so strongly wish that I had it when I needed it the most. It is mostly like bible for the students, showing the students new rays of hope for their future.

The way it has been written, communicating to the readers throughout is splendid. The diagrams, stories and facts written very much relatable to every student who would read it. The author’s have very well chosen their target audience and their style of writing and thoughts reflecting the same.

But by the time I was on the verge of finishing the book, I felt the book was a bit fast paced, according to me (or rather for me) I think a bit more lengthy descriptions, or maybe more facts composed in a compact way would've done the trick for the book.

The wonderful diagrams inside the book were much needed, helping every student to understand the facts even better. I would, personally, recommend the book to all students who are thinking for a greater career move. On this note, I would like to rate the book 4.5 out of 5, awaiting many more such enlightening books in the future.

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