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'10 years from now I hope to be a good mother' says Neelam Chandra Saxena and much more in a talk with Vanya's Notebook

Neelam Saxena Chandra…. Well, I am sure the name needs no introduction! The authoress of unlimited books- both fiction and for children, a brilliant poet, an engineer, a wife and a doting mother; above all, she is a wonderful human being who counts writing as a part of her existence. Who always takes out time from whatever she is doing, setting an example for all in every possible field. I was glad to have been able to have a chat with this charismatic personality. So, here is a snippet for all you readers of my chat with her!

Vanya’s Notebook- Engineer by Profession, writer by passion! How did this seed of writing get sown into you?

Neelam—Writing has always been a part of my being, right from the time when I was a child. I used to scribble poetry even when I was in school. Engineering and creativity are complimentary. I think, writing completes me.

Vanya’s Notebook- More than 600 of your stories/poems along with many books for children and fiction have been published. How is the feeling to be a nationwide known writer?

Neelam— It is an amazing feeling. I used to write because I felt good, but had never thought that I will make a name for myself someday. I hope to keep giving quality books in future too.

Vanya’s Notebook- Your award shelf must be filled with awards among which one has been given to you by the great Gulzarji. One look at all those awards and what is the reaction that you give?

Neelam—I feel overwhelmed as well as humbled. The awards came as a confidence booster and I hope that I do justice to those who gave me these awards by writing better and better.

Vanya’s Notebook- You have written lyrics too. So, short stories-poems-children books-fiction and lyrics, what’s your choice and why?

Neelam—It actually depends upon my mood. I love to try different genres at different point of time. I just cannot say that I like this or that.

Vanya’s Notebook- The best compliment that you have got till date? By whom and when?

Neelam—Well, the best compliment I received was from one of my fans. After reading my novel ‘Can I have this chance’, she asked me how I could comprehend her emotions so well. That she could feel connected was a real compliment.

Vanya’s Notebook- How do you want the world to know you as? Neelam Chandra Saxena the authoress? The poetess? The lyricist? Or the woman?

Neelam—A very tough question. I would love to be known as my daughter’s mother.

Vanya’s Notebook- You are a Director (IT) at the Indian Railways, how do you juggle between the two entirely different things?

Neelam—I love both the things. I struggled hard in life to be an engineer. And writing is my passion. Since both were my heart’s calling, the internal energy keeps me going.

Vanya’s Notebook- What is Neelam as a person? Your hobbies? Or how would you describe yourself?

Neelam—I am essentially a person in love with life and its hues. I love each and every tint of life and I enjoy it to the brim. There is a long list of my hobbies which includes writing, painting, cooking, anchoring, dramatics and much more.

Vanya’s Notebook- If you look back in time, anything you want to change?  Any regret? And where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Neelam—I do not regret anything, nor do I wish to change anything for everything happens for a reason – whether good or bad. And no, I have no regrets. I am in peace with myself, my decisions and all that almighty gifted me.
10 years from now? Well, I hope to be a good mother and wish to see my daughter well established. And if I make a name for myself as a writer and present some good literature to the readers, it will be an icing over the cake.

Vanya’s Notebook- What about your future work? Where can we get more of you?

Neelam—At present, the books under publication include a novel and a short story collection by LiFi Publications, a short story collection by Authorspress, another short story collection by Omji Publishing, a Hindi poetry collection and a children’s novella by Vituous Publications and eight illustrated books with RajkamalPrakashan. Besides this, one more short story collection and a novel are complete and I shall be entering into contracts with publishers soon.

Vanya’s Notebook- Your poems have all aspects of life in them knitted in very heart touching words. What’s your inspiration? Can you just sit for writing and write or do you have to feel to write?

Neelam— My muse is everyone and everything around. I am born with a very sentimental mind and I have an opinion about everything. I get touched by every little deed of happiness and I feel sad seeing anyone’s grief. These feelings are my inspiration.
I naturally have to feel for writing. But it need not be the feelings at that particular moment. It can be something which happened with me in the past, it could be something which I anticipate to happen in future or it could even be my thoughts on what a person’s feelings would be at that moment.

Vanya’s Notebook- I hope I didn’t bore you much with my questionnaire. I would like to request you for a few words on my blog and of course, for your readers!

Neelam—Of course not, the questions were very interesting and it was fun answering them.
For your blog – you are doing a marvelous job. Keep it up!
For my readers – I express my gratitude since I am there because of them.

Vanya’s Notebook, personally, loved interacting with Neelam Saxena Chandra and we are glad to have had the opportunity to do so! Wish you loads of luck for your future endeavors!

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