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The Vigil and other stories by Gita V. Reddy: a review

When I took my first glance at the cover the first thought that crossed my mind was about the designer. Gita V. Reddy, the authoress herself had designed the cover. Knowing which, I know that the book surely would be a painting in words.

According to the back cover - Delusions has Rohit, an actor par excellence, slipping into different characters even when he is not supposed to be acting. Devika, his fiercely loving wife, finds an unorthodox way to draw him out of his delusions. In The Square, three successful painters hold an impromptu contest with their friend, who is unknown and a recluse. The result is expected or is it? The Vigil is about Naina, a young expectant mother, who is also a very busy professional. She makes all arrangements for the birth of her child but finds she has missed out on something very vital. Is it too late to make amends? A Lifetime is about the choices Tara makes when she falls in love under the ominous shadow of honour killing. Can she live with her choice? Fifteen stories, myriad emotions, diverse characters, milieus, situations make The Vigil and other stories a compelling read.

15 stories, each one telling a different tale of emotions, makes this book a must read. Skillfully written, edited, it is a treat to read.

The stories speak out a lot about life tales which we generally don’t write about. Social issues; things that go about in our everyday lives but we don’t open up is what the book is about.

The Vigil, talks about Naina. This story talks about how one person, in today's world gets busy with their career so much that they aren't able to make out time or rather aren't able to understand the smallest happiness awarded to them. The question of how is answered in the story.

I loved the way the authoress has tried to put in artistic views with most of her stories. The Gift being one such. Through her stories she has very well made the readers understand what art is and what happens when art and love collides with each other.

The story Time and Space also shows us how we devote so much time in work, burdening our relatives with our household chores not understanding their problem. And what happens when someone breaks free.

Open court tells us what a woman has to face and how, whatever she does, everyone makes her 'guilty'. The feelings are very well portrayed in the story.

Sita's lives tells us about the life of Sita and of all those women who have a fate like sita. Who are so strong themselves but fate has nothing to offer them other than sufferings and weakness always to be blamed for.

The life and Death of Shiva is the written account of how, after being an orphan the relatives tend to pressurise a child so much that a life loving guy choses death over life.

Mr.Krishnan was one story which has shown the dedication one has for his work. No matter what happens, the man fights till his last breath. I felt that the story was a bit exaggerated at a few places which not needed.

A dangerous end being one such story which, among so many other stories, seemed unnecessary to add in the book, mainly because its length and also because its meaning wasn't portrayed well.

Alive being another 'addition' to the book. Though the story has shown the life and adversities of a begger, the story seemed too short as compared to the others.

The square, on one hand it has shown what art is all about, on the other hand it has shown incomplete. The readers might feel that the story has been ended in an abrupt way.

A lifetime, about honour killing is a brave attempt by the writer; but again it seems abrupt at a few places and unnecessarily stretched at a few points.

Reflection shows how a persons life can be benefitted from the life story of another person. While the story takes its turns, emotions were less in the story,

The seeker is the story of belief and non-belief. A bit exaggerated but an enlightening read all in all.

Dreams can tell talk about the life of Laya, a woman, her sufferings and then about a tough decision. A very intelligent end to the book by the authoress.

Every story is one of a kind, painted in a very wonderful way. Such are the sentiments of the stories that the readers want to read the stories again and again.

Apart from the fact, that most of the above mentioned stories have exaggerated/incomplete feelings, the book is a nice one time read for any reader!

Waiting for many more to come from the writer, would rate the book 3 out of 5.

PS- This book review is a part of the Reader’s Cosmos Book Review Program!

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