Thursday, 15 May 2014

Love You Too* Conditions Apply by Syed Faisal: a review

Wonderful lines to describe ‘lovers’, well I am talking about debutant author Syed Faisal’s book Love you too* conditions apply! Yes, I had the same reaction as you all when I first read the title of the book. The cover manages to disclose at least the characters of the book and yes, let me warn you, the book kept me mesmerized.

On the back cover- Imaan Siddique, lands in Mumbai with the lowest notes in life and vengeance against system, social structure and professional attitude of the country and against love too. He is on an ultimatum in his office, his girlfriend has dumped him, his father has lost his post in an election in his town and he has to take care of his brother’s future and education. The vengeance inside his heart turns him a blind runner behind success and makes him to break laws. But he has to cross the barrier of his path, Nikita Modvani, a beauty as well as a talented human resource in Mumbai struggling with her cruel past seeking happiness in her present. With this constructive talent but maneuver planning he turns her to be a pawn of his success and they start to live in present, in a Live-in relationship. The combination of success and happiness constructs a boundary wall between them and the real world, the real India, between their present and their future, but then how aged this wall will be? How effectively will the combination of success and happiness work? What will happen when this wall cracks? Love you too* conditions apply is a tribute to all Indian lovers whose love stories become victim of certain tangible and intangible conditions in our country.

To start with, the blurb! For a blurb I thought it to be a bit lengthy and maybe it gave out a bit too much for the book and thus, after reading the blurb I was kind of blank. I didn't know how to react and kind of guessed it and so left it to the writer to surprise me in the book.

When I started reading it, ‘wow’, that’s the only word that came out from my mouth. The writer’s awesome description and narrating style kept me hooked to the book till the end. I was left turning the pages and actually was waiting for the end to know what happens.

For me, the cherry on the cake was the narrating style of the writer. The way, the writer had intermingled his real and fictional life is commendable. The story leaves any reader with a smile throughout the book.

Coming to think of it, the facts stated in the book were so correct that you could do nothing but agree to the author. I personally loved the tell-tale way of the book! It was worth praising when the author has tried to question the system.

The characters, Imaan, Sabina and Nikita were very much just like us and every one could actually relate to the situations they were in leading us to go deep inside the book. For lovers, yes, this book is something they should read! And something they should learn from Imaan :P

For me, the biggest downfall of the book is the editing. There were evident editing errors and that surely disturbs the flow of reading at some parts of the book. For me, the book is interesting and a very nice read but the errors mar the feel! Nonetheless, the end and the storyline leave a lasting impression on the reader! It’s 3.5 out of 5, hoping to read more from this interesting writer!

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