Saturday, 17 May 2014

Keeping the Promises by Dhruv Gajjar: a review

Dhruv Gajjar’s Keeping the Promises is one book about which I can talk a lot at a stretch! And I also second Bhavya Kaushik (The Other side of the bed fame) in his review on the book which complements the book to be ‘intriguing, poignant and hauntingly beautiful. A heart wrenching tale which shouldn’t be missed’

On the back cover- WORDS are mightier than anything else in this world. Sometimes they serve as liaisons between two distinct hearts, and sometimes they shatter two people irreparably apart. But when they are woven into promises and hopes, they give rise to something that lasts forever. They change lives. I had almost lost myself, when she brought me back to life- with her promises. She was dying with a dreadful tumour, but she had the authority to pull those last strings that brought me back to her. She was gradually dying, and every night before going to sleep- she would take a portion of my heart, my soul and my words. She would take a promise from me every night that made me who I’m today. She gave me a new life. One of those promises was to compile this novel that took me to an eventful journey in which I discovered several people, like me, who too were keeping her promises. What were those amusing, surprising and horrendous promises that they all kept? Who else other than I were bound to her promises? Would she be able to redefine love and sacrifice with her plans? Can grief completely redefine who you are? Can a broken heart be healed? Can you fall in love with the same person all over again? Can you live and die, both at the same time? Be a part of my story, about a girl, who- through her promises, changed the lives of the people she loved, including mine. This is my journey. This is the window of my past, and the view to my future. It is yours now!

To begin with, trust me I have no idea this is fiction or a real life story. Because after reading this story, I badly wish I were a part of the characters mentioned in it. Pure is the only word that is coming out of my heart when I think of the book now.

I am not being biased or something, but as I sit here and talk about this book I have tears; not in my eyes but in my heart. Tears of both happiness and sadness! I guess, these lines are enough for me to describe what I felt about the book.

The story line is beyond commenting. However, since my work here is to review, I would rate it for the writing. On a personal font, I loved the way the writer has written three stories in one! The characterizations, the situations; yes the book is mesmerizing.

The book talks about family, love, friendship breakups, and sacrifices everything rolled into one. The book has the capability of making any reader smile and cry at the same time. The only hitch about the story I felt was that a part of it looked common.

However, a few mistakes here and there can make the readers a bit disappointed when they read the book. At one point in the book the readers can guess what will happen next and I guess the writer could’ve improvised that a bit! But, keeping everything apart, rating it a 4 out of 5, I would like to ask for a promise from all my readers, ‘please read this book’

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