Monday, 12 May 2014

Burning Sapphires by Suresh K Goswami: a review

A story of its kind, a story that speaks for itself! Yes, this is how I would like to term Suresh K Goswami’s book Burning Sapphires! A book of excellence it is.

The story of the terror ridden valley of Kashmir, the story of a head strong woman, Shehzadi Ghulab Sahib is what this book is about. This book also shows the strength a woman can have to survive all the adversities and move ahead in life selflessly.

Yes, Ghulab didn’t do anything for herself; she did everything for the people around her. The book teaches us how to be strong and serve humanity. The way the writer has narrated the story is commendable. The thought put behind this story is worth appreciating.

The cover could’ve been a bit more attractive but the storyline makes us forget the flaws of the cover. The book is also in an easy to read font which soothes the eye and makes the reading flawless.

The descriptions of the various characters and places have been done in a very good way giving rise to the expectations of the reader and I am sure the book fulfills all the expectations all the way.

It had a few grammatical errors but they are worth ignoring! All in all, this book is one great read giving the readers a great insight on the terror ridden valleys of Kashmir and I would like to rate the book a 4 out of 5.

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