Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Whispers of the enlightened Souls by Saket: a review

Amidst all these different genres of novels I keep on reading every day, I passed upon this exquisite piece of work, an anthology of Poems... Yes, poems... we don’t find much of the type and thus, can proudly name it one of a kind.

Enclosing inside itself a bunch of poems by Saket, Tanveer Sharma, Romika, Varsha Sharan and Akshay Prakash, this poetry book screams of wonder. This book has poems of all genres. Written specifically for the youth of the social heterogeneity, this book is a great way to show the world the reality. Having poems upon women, mother, earth, world, poverty, and last but not the least, love, this book is an eye opener.

The cover of the book is very soothing to the soul and the title of the book being very attractive. Whispers of the Enlightened Soul actually are what an enlightened soul thinks about the world. Every poet has his/her different way of writing a poem and I personally loved the poems by Saket and Tanveer. Dark Room and A Homage to Rape cases being my favourite. I would also like to say that a few poems could’ve been improved and the compiling part could’ve been in a better way.

A few more poems added to the book would’ve been better as it seems like a very small book. The poets should improve their poetry writing skills and mostly the usage of words in their poems as it matters the most. Welcoming more such poems to come and more poetry anthologies to be precise, I rate this book 3.5 out of 5.

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