Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mother: An inexplicable definition of love

Hello friends, had some free time on me and since its been too long writing something for Our blog I decided to throw in a few lines depicting two characters. A mother and a son. This post is not a short story nor a poem nor is it lyrical in any manner. Its basically a few thoughts that came into my mind when I heard from one of my friend a story of a cruel son who killed her mother and took out her heart for the women he loved. Upon hearing the horrifying story I remained aghast for a few moments.
I am sure that you guys might have heard it from your elders or read it somewhere. But the question is are we really what our parents wanted us to be ? Can we be a supporting pillar of our parents ? Do we possess any quality or trait of our parents ? Did we inherit the love giving from our mother ?
I pondered over the same questions a hundredth times, reminding myself to find an answer to these questions !
Alas ! The answer couldn't be found in the fold of our mind. Because parents, and a mother in particular doesn't think before she gives birth to a child, doesn't think before she feeds her milk to her offspring, doesn't think when she teaches her child to talk. Hence the child remains blinded, not realizing his mothers love. Thus the answer to the questions was just a Yes in love, unconditional love. Because all your parents expect from you is love.

"Remember the day that you were born,
Lay in the cradle so helpless,
The world far from the reach of your thoughts,
Your hands and legs weren't yours,
There were no dreams about the world in your eyes,
All you knew was to cry and sob
To drink milk and sleep was your job.

Your mother held your hand and taught you to walk,
Your mother had placed you in the locks of her heart,
In the lap and shade of your mother you grew and flew like a moth,
You started growing within a fraction of time,
Slowly as the time passed by you turned into an adult from a juvenile,
And the whole world seemed graceful to you.

You started showing the strength of your arms,
Started showing your accuracy of speech to the one who taught you to speak,
Started dressing, caressing by yourself.
One day you saw a girl and fell for her beauty,
And then she became your bride and walked into your home,
You started getting away from the people of your own,
Sowing the seed of hatred by your own.
Alas, you started forgetting your mother and father,
Launching the spheres of hatred upon your parents,
Words for words you started a quarrel,
Reading a covenant that was new to you.

Remember the day that your mother had said you once,
That I cannot live without you oh my son,
Upon hearing this your nerves started to swell,
Your anger exceeding the level of your tolerance.

Angry and furious you said to your mother,
I was silent, still and tolerant,
Today I say to you, leave me alone
Break all the bonds that we share,
Go and get a living for yourself,
People die but death never comes to you.
Seated in a corner, your parents had started filling their life with tears,
Yet their tears dint reflect guilt upon you,
And than there was a day that your father left the world sulkily,
How your mother was broken and shattered into pieces.

In the state of helplessness, she kept calling for her death,
Life had now started treating badly,
One day even death felt piteous,
Fate had fell for her sobs and tears,
Shining tears in the eyes, she passed bidding good bye.

Just a hiccup turned to be the reason for death,
There was a faint smile on her lips,
A sign of peace on her face,
And than you were dressing her in a shroud.

Years passed by and you are old now,
Lay on the broken bed you have become week and old now,
Your childrens are now fearless and disrespectful,
Hatred filled they dont love you,
In an agonizing pain you cry out loud, oh my mother, oh my mother.

(Dard me tu pukaare ke oh meri maa).
PS: Be grateful to your parents, without them the world seems nothing.
Be kind to them for kindness is act of worship.
Be respectful, for one day you will have childrens of your own.
- Ayan Khan


  1. just awesome so emotional each one word part of all plz respect ur parents..and be kindfull..very nice m/r ayan khan.

  2. Touched the nerves Ayaan... so nice...