Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy new year 2014

Clutching hands, entwining fingers,
romantic stares, seductive touches,
lovely dates.... It was all what I
could find to describe a year with
you... The seed of our love sown...
The flower of our love, blossomed...
Loads of understandings and
misunderstandings... And then, the turning point of them all, our turning into one.. Our marriage... A promise
that was made, to keep forever... A life, that only consists of us... The
fairytale life we dreamt of... And as
we ride this rollercoaster, a year
passed by... A life well led, Today
as I look up to you, kissing away
every sorrow, pain, regret; and the
clock ticks 12 and it brings utter bliss. The year together has come to an end, and yet it has brought another year for our love to bloom again. To you my love i express my adorn, for the year together that you had me through the forlorn.
Thus you made me what i am, brought from a solitude prison to an unfastened abode. The year ahead has yet new plans akin and another 365 days for our love so serene.
The clock now chimming 12 and the sky churning A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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