Friday, 29 November 2013


Don’t let people decide what you should do,
Don’t let them tell you what’s good or bad,
Don’t be the puppet attached to the string,
And mimic whatever they do or say,
For you are great in your own special way.

Them star readers try to tell you what your day will hold,
How can you believe them so easily?
When twins born on the same day,
Have totally different destinies,
Yet you happily come into their predictions,
Don’t fall for their words as they will lead you astray,
For they gain their knowledge from objects,
Millions of light years away.

Gypsies and fortune tellers too are alike,
All they do is hypnotize,
And make you nod your way into submission,
I pity the people that believe the tarot cards,
For how can you be so naive?
To let a piece of cardboard decide,
What lies ahead in the mysteries of life.

Be like the river that meanders its path,
Or like the wind that blows in its own direction,
Have confidence in whatever you do,
And you shall always succeed,
So spread your wings and be free,
For none but you can shape your destiny.
- Ayan Khan

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