Wednesday, 16 October 2013

When Strangers Meet by K. Hari Kumar : a review

For a long time I was thinking to start a new reviewing blog but was in a great dilemma, was not getting any good book to start my blog with. But my wait is over. I finally got a book which can mark the beginning of my review blog and that book is none other than When Strangers Meet by K.Hari Kumar. First of all I would like go congratulate the author for writing this awesome book.

There were a few things which dragged me to buy the book. Firstly, it was the cover. The illustrations by Sakshi Garg were mind blowing. Secondly, I loved the title of the book and the subtitle... "sometime all it takes is a stranger's tale to bring your life back,on track..." and thirdly, I loved the blurb of the book. The suspense it creates in the minds of the readers is really interesting and I must tell you, the book was worth the wait. Published by Shrishti Publishers, this book is worth all the money spent on it.

Going to the story and its content, I would like to say that the story is a very inspiring one. The relationship between a father and a son couldn't have been expressed in a better way. The way how the stories of three very different people from different backgrounds simultaneously has been very well handled by the author. The book has the perfect mix of action, comedy, drama, suspense and of course romance. The story has the capability of making a reader laugh and cry at the perfect moment. The suspense of the book makes it a perfect page-turner.

To know what happened to the three of them, you just need to buy the book. All in all, I would like to give this great story 5 out of 5 stars...

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