Tuesday, 22 October 2013


           Ever since I saw Samar, my best-friend, with his new girlfriend, I too felt an urge within to have someone by my side. Updating the relationship status on facebook, changing profile pictures into a couple pic, cuddling her in front of friends, making her sit on his lap, calling her shona and baby in front of everyone, talking from 11 pm to 6 am with those night-calling packs cut down from the pocket money, going on dates, paying for her recharge top-ups etc. Samar did all these things and I was limited to urges.
           “The girl you want should be a Vegetarian Hindu! I won't bound you with caste as it nowadays doesn't really matter.” said my parents. Family with prejudices, every family was induced with one. I never had a crush, first step to love or it was what I thought. Every girl in my college looked normal to me, not the one for me. Even though I like some, they were the one occupied, no vacancy for a new entry. I had faith, one fine day I surely will have a crush, my dream girl. All I needed was her to be a Vegetarian Hindu!
           One fine day, in the canteen, I spotted my first crush. Fair as cream, eyes similar to a flashing mirror, perfectly shaped and beautifully toned body with ample of cuts and curves, pouted rosy lips- lustrous and reflecting which had a chicken- leg-piece affixed between her teeth trying to rip the flesh off the bone. She was a Non-vegetarian. I tried to console myself, what if she is a non-vegetarian? Milk was also a non-veg product and I drank it everyday, in fact my whole family did! Moreover the restaurants we ate in, who know that they would make our food in a separate pan, specially for a veg meal? I said so within to assure myself and to cling on to her thoughts in my mind. Fortunately she was in my class, I was the happiest of all. Students were called in front of the class for a short introduction, this being the first class. It was her turn now. “Hello everyone. My name is Md. Ruksar Ali Begum.”
Written by:
Ravi Raj.......

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