Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Who was She?

Passing by the by lane just beside my house
On my way to work every morning;
I see a girl, in rags and bits
And one fine day i go her following..

Then what i see was hard to believe,
She walked and walked with no destiny;
Was hungry by her looks
But couldnt buy food due to lack of sufficient money..

School and studies was she deprived of,
Clothes and food among the other few;
Slowly she went to a temple nearby
And stood among the others, extending the crew..

Maybe luck had something else for her,
When her turn came to eat;
She didnt get any food for her
But all the temple dwellers started her to beat..

She bumped into a car while running,
Physically hurt and mentally unstable was she;
Someone got out of the Car just then
Picked her up, and i understood for her next to god was he..

He put her in the car and went,
I still went following him;
I got to know that he is a doctor
And the girl had some bad bruises which later affected her skin..

Today, 10 years passed from the incident back then,
I saw that doctor again;
He was old and couldnt see
But he had a girl who helped him in his pain..

I talked to him for the first time then,
Asked him whose girl was she;
He dictated me that incident again
And now how happy were she and he..

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