Thursday, 4 April 2013


of all the people I know in life

close and sweet are few
One who's been forever with me
is no one other than you....

Of all the times we spent together

of all the rides we rode
of all the rides we rode together
neither were we tired, nor were we bored...

Of all the sweet bonds we both shared

of all the friends we had
we both had the same choices
and were both mad for the same chad...

Of all the fights we had for toys,

Of all the fights for love
of all the fights we had for clothes
And all the love for clove...

Of all the moments we lived being happy

of all the moments being sad
we both were, for our mothers, very moody
but in our hearts, we both were, for each other, secretly clad...

The only person who stays with you

apart from your friends, family or mister
can also be the one in need
and is one person, who the world calls- a SISTER.....

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