Monday, 8 April 2013


why do people have to die?
"you came, you went,
you were past.. you are present.."
death,  significant better half of life...
we come alone, we go alone
we stay alone, a part of it..
we sleep alone, we eat alone
we die alone and that's it..
we cry for them.. we laugh with them,
we share our joys and sorrows..
we play with them.. we dance with them,
we stay and know there's no secure tomorrow..
Yesterday, at 5.30pm, i lost a part of me.. i know, i'll never get that person back.. trying to be strong.. i wrote the above lines long back.. never knew these would get into use so soon.. broken and shattered.. i want to treasure every moment of life spent with that person.. calming down her close people hasn't been easy for me.. but, calming myself is feeling near to impossible now.. i know i cant do anything for this.. but.. i just want to convey this message to the person.. I LOVE YOU, I ALWAYS LOVED YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL.. DON'T WORRY, I'LL TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE IN YOUR ABSENCE . WOULD NOT LET ANYONE CRY AND BE WITH EVERYONE WHEN THEY MISS YOU.. BUT PLEASE, MY DEAR, GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO BEAR THIS.. Come back to me.. the parting words to that person.. may your soul rest in peace and remember wherever you are, i am there by your side.. i love you..

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