Friday, 5 April 2013


Towards the sky goes the water

gets a blow and again falls back,
then the sky forms a rainbow
you can see or never look back...
     the sweet fragrance of the rains
     the unheard melody it contains
     reminds me of all the pleasures of life
     listening to songs with a carnal delight...
after the rain has stopped its play
a sheet of water covers the road
the smell of wet rain in its place,
itself has a magical story untold...
     the rhythm of the water, when it falls on the roof
     the untouched raincoat hanging on the hook
     the smell of fries from the kitchen
     can i please get one more piece of chicken?...
the sweet evening with the family
is an evening hard to find
the rain brings us together
and makes it all so divine...
     all this is fine for a day or two
     what would i say if i were you?
     the rain is gone-
     and so are the memories formed by it
     one more page of the photo album,
     and was that just it?...
the night of terror found its way,
the advent of tsunami, as you people say-
destroyed the happy moments of yesterday
only i was left alone with the memories..- 
         which i suppose wasn't really gay.........

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