Wednesday, 4 April 2012


this note is named incomplete because I feel that this note is having a very incomplete ending.. didn't know what to write after that.. so having got no name for this note I preferred to name it incomplete... this note is also one of my feelings for a loved one... thought of sharing it with you all... do let me know how was it...

thinking of the days when we were together,
amidst all the laughter and joy,
there were also times were we could have been together,
but we couldn't be-and THAT started to destroy..
the love, the warmth, the feel of pain,
and all these feelings still remain,
but only the deepest, darkest corners of my heart,
can keep these feelings still apart-
The fear of joy, the fear of thirst,
the fear of tear, which you can never trust;
the fear of mixed emotions- happy and sad...
the fear of DEATH, oh! Did I just say that ?? !!! ..


  1. this is one of my personal favs ^_^

    1. oh really? thnxx a tonn annie.... even i love separation.. ;)