Sunday, 4 November 2018

A conversation with fashion stylist, Chandni K Doshi: an interview

As a fashion conscious woman of the 21st century, what can perk your mood? Well, I guess for me it HAS TO be a chit chat with a new and upcoming fashion stylist (who has already done a lot of work in the industry by styling Bigg Boss 11 fame Vikas Gupta and Roadies, Splitsvilla and Bigg Boss 11 fame Priyank Sharma on various occasions)! Join me and Chandni K Doshi in this conversation and don't forget to check out her blog The Style Influencer
( for tips and tricks related to fashion.

  1. To begin with, thanks a tonne for taking out time from your schedule for this conversation. You have been doing some great work for the past couple of years. How did the fashion bug bite you, actually?

Answer:  I think this fashion bug was already in my genes. My mother had some amazing taste with colours and palettes. Though she hails from a place and era where women weren’t allowed to do many things. She did break few rules of the family, though, and I broke all of them.

  1. From there till now where you're styling internet sensations like Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta and many more, how does it feel? Especially since some of the people you have styled are known to have a very quirky style statement.

Answer: Styling to me is my own private happiness. And Priyank is my personal favourite. Honestly, styling a celeb is always a challenge. Understanding their comfort zone is one thing, but convincing them to wear what can become a trend and how to carry it is the major task. I think my conviction in my work and confidence on my instinct brought me till here.

  1. What is style or fashion according to you? Also, what according to you is the current trend in the market?

Answer: Style and fashion are two different things. Style is something which you have right within you. That x-factor which can make your basic white shirt also super desirable. Whereas fashion to me is more of science. Yes!! It actually involves so much of "how's" and "why's" added with your personal style. Current trend varies from person to person, but I'm loving the casual looks flaunted by celebs these days. Those cute t-shirt dresses, sweatshirts, sneakers...!!! I love it when fashion becomes the medium to provide you comfort.

  1. When you look back at your teenage days and your style statement back then, if you were given a chance to style yourself from that time what would you like to change or add?

Answer: I committed my fashion disasters during my teenage. I come from a place where I was strictly supposed to be a girl next door. And simultaneously I had a fashion rebel poking me from deep inside. If I can ever rewind things, I would add more grace to my previous self. And if given a chance to erase something that will have to be my school farewell look from world history!!

  1. You are also a fashion blogger apart from being a stylist and your blog focuses till now mostly on basics. Tell me a few things that make your blog “The Style Influencer” unique.

Answer: Well I don't know if I’m different or not, but I'm very practical for sure. Generally, whenever I read any fashion blogger, I always wonder how practical will it be to wear the garment in day to day life. My idea of blogging is to write about the everyday fashion. Like in the work place, or college or a casual dinner or maybe when you are just out to shop. Being comfortable with your style is any day a preference than being a glam goddess and being really uncomfortable.

  1. There are endless fashion bloggers and vloggers out there in today's time. Youngsters these days also follow celebrities and how they dress up. Anyone you follow or admire?

Answer: Yes..!!! Alia Bhatt and Dolly Singh (blogger and YouTuber). They both have one thing in common. They are so much fun to look at. So casual yet desirable. I'm in love with their witty videos and pictures. And of course, I adore Alia Bhatt’s dressing sense. I love how she balances her looks.

  1. 7. If you were given a chance to style for any one person on the biggest day of their life, who would that person be and why? Additionally, any particular look you would love to recreate giving a special touch?

Answer: It has to be Fawad Khan! For any occasion. And for all the obvious reasons.

I would love to recreate Anarkali (played by the ethereal Madhubala) from the film Mughal-e-Azam. How mesmerising she looked in the ‘panghat’ song! It sure is my dream to be involved in such a project and dress up somebody like her.

  1. When there's fashion there has to be some major fashion faux pas. We keep on seeing all these people (celebs and non celebs) sporting clothes that are complete disasters. What is that one major fashion faux pas that you suggest people should be careful of?

Answer: Showing too much of skin. Or getting way too decked up. I always write (and believed so) about the power of ‘minimals’ in my blogs. I think minimalistic fashion is very underrated. Minimalism keeps gives one a mysterious aura thereby adding an overall charm to the persona. Same with make up or accessories.

  1. “Dress according to the function” - We've all heard this some or the other time from fashion gurus. How would you dress up a person (both a man and a woman) going to the following events:

Answer - Book launch:
Male: power of khadi kurta and denim
Ladies: Chikan kurtis. Oh, chikankari is my weakness!

Red carpet:

Male: Tuxedo. 
Ladies: saree (personal favourite) or a gown.

Dinner date:

Please wear something comfortable. You have anyway impressed the person hence they have agreed for the date.

Male: some casual shirt or tshirt. 
Ladies: some flare dresses! They look so dramatic and pretty.

Late night/early morning movie:

Male: joggers and a cool tee.
Ladies: boyfriend's denims and a box tee.

Brunch with family:

Guys: denim and polo t-shirts.
Girls: some cute dresses or kurtis.

  1. What is that one tip that you would like to give to the rising fashionistas of today's time?

Answer- Less is more! And be really comfortable in your own skin.

  1. Fashion and trends keep on changing. They also come back to being popular. In a few years from date, what do you picture to be trending back in fashion?

Answer- Those ‘Yash Raj’ chhiffon sarees in pastel colours. I so want them to make a come back!! Especially the ones shown in the film Chandni played by the forever gorgeous Sridevi.

  1. How different is your approach when you dress up/style a fictional character compared to a real life person?

Answer- It's not really different for me. The fictional characters, as I understand it, are also inspired from real life characters. All I do is dig deep into the background of the characters keeping the filter of my fashion science of the hows and whys activated. In fact, recently I posted a picture with my nose pin and an author friend of mine said he wants his protagonist in the next story to wear a nose pin. I guess this is how inspiration works.

  1. Last but not the least, where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Answer- I like to hold onto every plan of action of mine. All I can say as of now is I just want to make my parents extremely proud of me. Somewhere a fashion rebel still awaits a closure for a really old war.

It has been a pleasure talking to you, Chandni and I'm sure my readers would love this.

This girl next door from MP has turned into a fashion statement over the years and have proved that nothing is impossible for us! So, no matter what your gender is; get your fashion game strong and up your confidence! Much love ♥♥