Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Music Diaries: The Return of K.T.O. by Tsuyoshi Ozawa

Okakura Kakuzō, the Japanese scholar who contributed to the development of Arts in Japan has always been a very close person in the hearts of the people in Kolkata. His association with Rabindranath Tagore is still remembered in the form of the Rabindra Okakura Bhavan at Salt Lake. Tsuyoshi Ozawa took this association forward with bringing his paintings and installations through The Return of K.T.O.

Last night, Phoenix (The Astor, Kolkata) saw the collaborations, Mr. Tsuyoshi Ozawa and all the collaborators under one roof as they celebrated Okakura in another light.

The whole event was a culmination of Talks and the screening of the whole journey of Okakura in Kolkata along with the celebrated author Mr. Rustom Bharucha and Mr. Anirudh Chari, an art critic and curator. To give them support and as a part of the collaborations with them was Behind The Mirror, a band essentially from Kolkata that created the theme song and did a live performance on the same.

As the audience was in rapt attention, the event also made every person who didn't know about Okakura and his journey, keen on knowing it and discovering more about him. The theme song live performance by Behind the Mirror also ended with a special surprise: a song by the band itself.

Okakura would forever remain in our hearts and it is high time we celebrate his journey in and with Kolkata. 

©all pictures are credited to Antaheen Partha 

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