Tuesday, 20 December 2016

You are my reason to smile by Arpit Vageria: a review

I remember the first time I had seen the cover of Arpit Vageria's latest, You are my reason to smile and I will not lie if I say that I smiled at the cover. Done in one of my favorite shades of green, the title caught my attention at first glimpse. Having read and liked his last, I couldn't help but get my hands on an early copy of the book.

According to the blurb- Ranbir is a dreamer, he has a well-paying job, but his aspirations are higher. He is a good lover, he adores Adah and can forego any comfort of the world for her sake. But even then, he is not happy. Because his true calling is not in the corporate, it’s in writing. After much deliberation, he takes the plunge and leaves his job to write full-time. While he struggles for balance, Adah also starts keeping herself away. Was she really in love with him and was it just a facade? 
Amidst all this confusion, Pihu Sharma enters his life – his first ever fan, who seems to be head over heels in love with him. While Ranbir’s equation with Adah deteriorates, Pihu leaves behind her luxurious life to shift in with him. Is this the true love Ranbir had been waiting for? Join Ranbir as he makes his way through a world that kills for money and dies for love.

The blurb, written in a typical Arpit Vageria style tells everything about the book but then again, do not judge the book. The book is much more than what the blurb says. And the book is interesting, I guarantee. I would start off by saying that the introduction or rather, the first chapter grips the reader to the T and it is from there that we, as a reader get to be engrossed with Ranbir, the character.

Having said that, coming to the story. The story, as the blurb might seemingly give an idea, sounds something that you might've read but once you are done with the book, this feeling goes away. Slowly and steadily taking place and majorly written from Ranbir's point of view, this book speaks of love. Not only love, of the things that come and go with it. It might seem predictable, probably to an extent it is but the twists are not.

Talking about the characters, even though Ranbir is the major character in the book, I loved his best friend, Lakshya the most. They might just set friendship goals through the book. Adah and Pihu were characters who I'll leave to you as readers, to judge. Given the fact that the protagonist in the book wants to become a full time writer (which I am) this book has a special connect for me.

Now the flaws of the book. Well, with the interesting story line, strong characters and all the elements that the author had, I expected the book to be more tight and yet paced. There were errors in the book which can be forgiven and it doesn't stare at your face. The expectations are superbly high from the author and so even though I'm not disappointed, I won't say that I'm satisfied. The author, in the meanwhile could work on his narration skills a bit more. For me, this book is 3.25 out of 5 expecting so much more from the author from his next.

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