Thursday, 20 October 2016

When love finds you by Yashodhara Lal: a review

Yashodhara Lal has been known to be one of the most quirky writers of today's time. Starting from her first book to her latest, When love finds you, the authoress has done her best in making all her books worth the time that we spend in reading it. So when I found her latest and switched over to the blurb, I couldn't help but give in to the temptation of reading this book. The cover of the book tells a lot about the book and thus, I had to see what the blurb says.

According to the blurb- Natasha is a badass boss. Just how badass? She can make a grown man cry, whip a team into shape, meet her targets- and she won't take any bullshit, period. Of course, getting the job done is never enough for a woman in a man's world. When it's time for her promotion, she's passed over for Rishabh- a smarmy rake who apparently has 'people skills'. He knows just how to push her buttons and it's driving her up the wall. Then there's the very desirable Nikhil, whose quiet self-assurance and distracting dimple only seem to complicate things at the office. With a crotchety old neighbour, an unrelenting friend and a tumultuous family history in the mix, Natasha is suddenly beginning to find that everything she's ignored in the pursuit of success is coming back to haunt her. But don't worry. She's bringing her A- game. She always does.

Now, having read the blurb I am sure that you are having the same thoughts as I am. Aren't you? A fun read with a sassy female boss and male characters who might be drool worthy but there are many layers to it. I had the same idea with the book. So I had to pick up the book and surf through the chapters.

The first chapter had it all. The introduction of the main protagonist, the kind of a person she is, her ambitions etc and as the book progressed, this went on higher and higher. With every chapter we get to know Natasha and her life. Everything was fine but then enter Rishabh. The man who is desired by most women in the office other than her, the person with super 'people skills' is a wonder to read. Being a girl I totally understood what Rishabh is all about. And of course, then there is Nikhil.

Since I have already named the 3 most important characters, let me come to the description that has been put forth for them. Natasha, being the main protagonist was given 100% attention. Rishabh was given 70% attention and what I felt was even though Nikhil was given a lot of attention, again around 70%, still his character was underdeveloped. Similar to Natasha, Nikhil has a lot of curves in his life and thus what I felt was, he could've been developed with a lot more time than was given to him.

There are many other characters in the book and one of my favorites was Mrs.Chopra, about whom you really need to find out from the book. Coming to the story. Well, I have a lot to say about it. The story was well thought of and a good one time read over a cup of cuppa but what I felt lacking was the portrayal of the moral of the story. Of course the story has a moral and that is there in the last line of the book (That doesn't mean you'll read the last line first) but I somehow had a lot of expectations from the portrayal of the story which didn't happen.

The way the story has been written was nice and I really liked the narration. If I have to speak about the cons, I would want to say that this book wants to say and promises a lot but somewhere down the line, fails to deliver. Having said that, no. I'm not disappointed with the book but then I'm not satisfied either. But being a reader who reads a lot, I expected at least a bit more from the book which I found missing. No grammatical errors and a smooth ride makes this book worth the time it takes to finish. For me, expecting so much more from the authoress with the next book, this book was 3.5 out of 5.

PS- This book was given to me as a part of the Flipkart Book reviews programme.

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