Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Weathering the Storm by Sampoorna Gonella

How did it feel

Scaling boulders, waiting
For a drop of golden sun

How did it feel
Pebbles strewn on your path
Hoping for a glimpse of soft grass

What did you do
When you were the only one
Stranded in nature's harshest thicket

When you were left to scramble
In unforgiving bramble
Your shadow your only friend
Did you let it rain
Admit you're slain
Or see it to the end?

When you braved life's each storm
Each thunderbolt
With not a quiver of your nerve
Then why does the siren
Of the battlefield
Leave you frightened and perturbed?

And so a mother wrote
To her warrior son
Fighting in perilous land
So he steered every blow
But to his mother's pride and woe
Was buried a martyr in golden sand.

About the poet- 

Sampoorna Gonella is an occasional blogger whose thoughts often scurry off to faraway places without her permission. The results, infused with a little rhyme and rhythm, are here to see. Enjoy!

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