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"My wounds are human, Humanity is wounded...!" expresses the poet who kisses the soul!

Poetry has been a part of the lives of people since ages now but somewhere down the line, in today's time, it is one of the rarest forms of expressing. In the times when the market is overflowing with novels, it was a pleasure to see a poetry book going to such places and not only the book, the poet making a change too. A social activist, a contributor to the world of expressing, an out 'n' out romantic and a wonderful poet, when I interacted with Nitin Soni or The curly Poet, it was worth a lifetime of an experience. And how could I not let you, my reader, not be a part of this amazing experience? So, here is what happened....

Vanya's Notebook- Even though I never wanted to start with such a clichéd question but I couldn’t stop myself, trust me. So, how did ‘poetry’ occur to you?
Nitin— Poetry is my soul. I interact through my poems. I remember when I wrote my first poem in 2011. I wanted my poem to paint a beautiful message that how deeply I loved her. She loved my poem. She ONLY loved my poem. That’s how poetry kissed me. That’s how I fell in love with poetry.
She became a stranger, 
I became a poet!
Vanya's Notebook- Let us be frank here, in today’s world even though the parents are very supportive to their children, there are a few things which they do not want their children to do. Writing poetry falls under a category where most people think it is a time-pass and doesn’t give much importance to it. In such a scenario, how was the journey of The broken boat from being a manuscript to a book?
Nitin—To be honest, my parents never said anything against poetry or writing. And it’s not just about poetry, it’s about what I love doing. They never stop me. Because they know I will always listen to my heart. (Laughing) As far as the journey is concerned, writing makes me happy, and my maiden poetry book ‘The Broken Boat’ is my sweetheart. I have lived each and every poem written in this book. I had been weaving this collection for a long time. All these poems are inspired by real life encounters. ‘To Remember’ was scribbled in Connaught Place, ‘Laali’ was written in Bihar, and ‘Even She’ was penned down in Maharashtra. All the poems have been decorated in different geographies.
This collection can be summed up in just two lines:
"My wounds are human,
Humanity is wounded."

Vanya's Notebook- After being a contributing writer of stories in a few anthologies you shifted gear to poetry and released your debut poetry collection. Was contributing to those anthologies a very well thought of step by you so that it creates a base for you as a writer, or it just happened?
 Nitin— As I said, writing is my soul. It feels wonderful to have a couple of short stories published. I absolutely loved the way I wrote those stories. Be it poetry or prose, I want to be read. My objective is to touch as many hearts as possible. That’s what matters, I reckon. And I’m glad people appreciated my stories, and the same people are now loving ‘The Broken Boat’
Vanya's Notebook- “The curly poet” – a very unusual tag but it seems that the tag has given you everything you needed. Today, more than as Nitin Soni, you are known to the world as The curly poet. How does that affect you? Don’t you feel that people should know you for being who you are as a whole, not as just a part of you?
            Nitin—(Laughs) Dead on. ‘The Curly Poet’- I remember somebody gave me this tag last year. And it became popular on Instagram. I didn’t like it in the beginning. But it’s really amazing to see people are liking it more now. I don’t think it affects me anymore. My job is to write wholeheartedly, and I want to be read. I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t connect with readers. If ‘The Curly Poet’ connects well with readers, I’m happy with that!
Vanya's Notebook- Along with being a poet, your name is associated to be a face of humanity. You are a server of the society you live in and that is something not many people are able to do successfully or rather they do not want to do. What would you want to say to that? How did it happen?
 Nitin— If writing is my soul, children are my heart. I love my job. I love what I do in villages through my organization, Dharma Life. We do reading sessions, painting sessions, poetry recitations, and we also work on several causes like Indoor Air Pollution, Education, and Health & Hygiene etc. I simply love it! I have grown up seeing my dad who has been working for the labor class for last thirty years. He inspires me to work for others. It’s good to spread smiles and love…isn't it?
Vanya's Notebook- A debut book. A poetry book. 4.7 stars out of 5 in Amazon and ruling the bestselling charts for 4 months now. At this point, how does it feel?
Nitin — It feels amazing to be Amazon #1 poet. People told me poetry doesn’t sell, and I said, OK, let’s see.
Vanya’s Notebook- Since it is common knowledge that girls are takers of poetry more than guys, and a handsome poet adds to the charm, I am sure you have a big female fan following. I am also sure that they would want to know one thing about you and I am asking on behalf of them all "Is the curly poet single?"

           Nitin— Hahahah! As of now, yes! (with a wink)
Vanya's Notebook- This is one question that I HAVE to ask you. Simply because of the fact that you are a poet and this question is a part and parcel of being a poet. Who do you dedicate your poems to? What is your inspiration? And what is the reason behind these heartwarming poems?
Nitin— I write what I see. I have written what I have seen or experienced. I dedicate my poems to ‘My Divine Lady.’ I can’t see her. I don’t even talk to her. But she is always around with a smiling face. ‘Conquer this world’, she motivates me through vibes.
Vanya's Notebook- What next? Anthology? Another poetry collection? What have you planned? Can we expect a novel from the curly poet?
Nitin— Novel! (Smiling)

Vanya's Notebook- There are so many reviews you have got for the book (both good and bad), what was your favorite one? And what was the one that disturbed you the most?
 Nitin—All of them are encouraging. However, there is one review which disturbed me in the beginning. It was shocking when somebody wrote that The Broken Boat was anti-male.

Vanya's Notebook- Today, if you were given a chance to give 5 tips to new writers, what would they be? I know, you are fairly new too but you’ve achieved something that not many people can with their first book, so it is fair to ask you this question.
Nitin— Respect your heart. Be loyal to your soul. If you do that successfully, writing will be fun!
Vanya's Notebook- Okay! I guess I should stop here even though I have a bucket full of questions I can ask you at this stage. I don’t want to bore you or our readers with the questions. Hope I didn’t. Did I? To end with, I would appreciate a few words for your readers and for Vanya’s Notebook.
Nitin— Thank you, Sharanya! Thank you everyone for your love and support.. Keep smiling. Keep spreading love…
As you can see, it was an experience worth mentioning with The curly poet and I wish him all the best for all his future works!

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Finding Juliet by Toffee: a promotional tour!



Release Day: APRIL 23, 2016



BlurbAn incredibly nice guy turns into an irresistible flirt and learns the fine art of seducing women. A hilarious and heartwarming novel with some surprising nuggets of wisdom.


Links to the book will be available after the release of the Juggernaut app! 


Toffee is just another Indian youngster who became an Engineer first and then discovered his true calling. He was a typical Sharma ji ka Ladka, until Engineering happened and changed his life completely. After surviving college, he joined a reputed MNC as a Software Analyst, but a dramatic turn of events made him an author. Toffee is passionate about writing, so much so that he writes code by the day and books by the night and does everything else in life in between. A huge Rajkumar Hirani fan, he loves writing stuff that is both entertaining and insightful. And through his books, he wants to narrate stories that touch people's hearts and change a part of their life, forever.

Toffee’s first book titled ‘An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU’ was published by the Times Group Books and it went on sell around 5000 copies. ‘Finding Juliet’ is his second book and Juggernaut Books is publishing it exclusively on their mobile app.


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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Forget me not, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty: a review

I have read Marry me, stranger and All yours, stranger; both the books hooked me so much that I HAD TO read Forget me not, stranger. Novoneel Chakraborty has always been a writer whose quotes have influenced me and have been an answer to whatever problems that I have faced in my life. Forget me not, stranger has also done the same thing. Somehow, defined whatever I am going through. After many guesses (like everybody) on what the stranger is doing with Rivanah, I had failed but I was glad to know that who I had guessed to be stranger is actually the stranger. The story was never about the stranger, though. It was always about Rivanah and rightfully so. The blurb does its best to hook the readers for reading the book.

According to the blurb- I’m Rivanah Banerjee, 23/F/Mumbai. Some of you might already know how my life is on a razor edge. Those of you who don’t, just know this: I may be killed soon… by the Stranger. I don’t know who or what he is: a ghost, a person or a figment of my imagination? All I know is he isn’t just one thing: he is sexy and scary, terrific and terrifying. What I don’t understand is why a young, harmless girl like me, who works in a big city, stays away from her parents and has a screwed-up love life, would be of any interest to him. Unless there is something about my own story that I do not know… In the hotly anticipated final instalment of the Stranger trilogy, Rivanah will learn the answers to her many question- What is that binds her to the dead Hiya? Who is the Stranger? Why has he been following her all this while? - leading to an intense, breathtaking climax.

To begin with, the cover. I loved the covers of Marry me, stranger and All yours, stranger. While the cover of Forget me not, stranger completes the way the covers are formed and it shows the face of Rivanah, somehow this concept didn’t work for me. I didn’t find it as breathtaking as the others but the title, no doubt, is wonderful. When you turn the book and you get to the place where the blurb is written, you get to see the stranger. Well, the silhouette of the stranger but that is no doubt a reason why you would feel like turning its pages and read the book. But yes, early warning. Do not read the last page first. Start with the first page first.

When you open the book, the first thing you encounter is the prologue. Now speaking of the prologue, Chakraborty always has the habit of gripping his readers with it. This book was no less either but having been a regular reader of his work and an admirer too, a bit change in the writing and I guess it. This happened with the prologue of this one too. No doubt gripping, this prologue didn’t have the essence (for me) which the other books had. Or maybe I felt so because the prologue of this book came in much after All yours, stranger released, thus fizzing out the essence the book had in the first place.

Coming to the story, Marry me, stranger and All yours, stranger had something in them which hooked every reader to it. So the expectations with Forget me not, stranger were very high. It stood to its expectations or not, I will come to that later. I would first talk about how the story proceeds. The proceeding of the story was in a very typical Novoneel Chakraborty way, with twists and turns in every chapter. You turn the page and you get a twist or a turn. This, in turn, keeps you hooked to the book till the end.

Again, in a fashion which only the author can do, he leads on the readers to thinking about somebody else totally and then brings about something which is just not what the readers have been thinking all this while. That is one thing that every loyal reader of the author looks forward to in his books. This book was no exception as you think about something and something just the opposite happens. But you know what? Somewhere down the line, for the first time, I felt that the story has been dragged in this book. Moreover, while I am at the end of the story, I was surprised with the ending. Never had I expected such an ending. As I have already said, who the stranger is, doesn’t matter but why the stranger doing all this is is what matters. I could see Rivanah’s growth from the first book to the last book and that made me feel proud of Rivanah but, the reason given by the Stranger on why was he doing all this was, I don’t know what to say, too out of the films. Nonetheless, given the trademark of the author, you flow with the book and feel the book with every page. Is there any take back from the book? I would leave it to you to decide!

“A social thriller with a not so happy ending” That is how the author had always defined the book and the book is just that. It surely is a social thriller with a not so happy ending. The idea that Chakraborty wanted to bring forth in the book was wonderful but the way it has been handled wasn’t exactly up to the mark. With the way book 1 and book 2 led the readers thinking, half of book 3 was exactly that. You would learn a lot when you end the book and even you would grow with the book but when you read the end you might be left a bit shaken. With whatever happened. Given my personal reaction after this book ended, I took a lot of time to digest what exactly happened with the whole story. Disappointed? I don’t know. Happy? I don’t know that either. Clueless, I would say.

Coming to the errors of the book, I have already said a lot about it but there is one blazing mistake in the book which I am sure is a typo error but I am also sure that after reading that, die hard stranger fans would want to strangle the author. At least I wanted to. Being an admirer of his work, I would wait for his next book and hope that it is as wonderful as the other books were. Having said all that, wishing the author all the luck in the world, this book gets 4 out of 5.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

World's Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Datta: a review

Durjoy Datta. Isn’t the name enough to spark an interest? I guess so! A bestselling author, a successful entrepreneur, a ladies’ man- Durjoy Datta has it all in himself BUT does his 11th book World’s Best Boyfriend has it within it to catch the readers grasp? It is for the readers to decide. I will be very frank and very true here; I am not a Durjoy Datta fan. Having read very few of his books, If it’s not forever is the only one that stayed with me even after I was done reading the book, many years ago. Being a ‘book buff’ I wanted to read this book because it somehow appealed to me. I felt that he has done something in this book which he hasn’t attempted in the others and that is what made me pick up the book. Of course, reviews from my fellow reader friends and the constant e-mails asking me to review this one acted as the cherry on the cake. When I picked up the book, the blurb said a lot to me.

According to the blurb- Hate, is a four letter word. So is love. And sometimes, people can’t tell the difference... Dhruv and Aranya spend a good part of their lives trying to figure out why they want to destroy each other, why they hurt each other so deeply. And, why they can’t stay away from each other. The answer is just as difficult each time because all they wanted is to do the worst, most miserable things to another. Yet there is something that tells them: THIS IS NOT IT. If you want to know the answer to it all, read the book.

I really have no idea what you are going through after reading the blurb but I somehow felt that this book should not be missed. Very unlike what people have a notion about Datta; this book had something in it which sounded a bit odd. Odd I say because, the blurb might be giving you notions about it being his regulars but I felt that there is a catch somewhere. So finally I started with the book. Here, I would take a moment to talk about the cover of the book. There are two covers. One, that was originally launched and the second is a cover that came up after it being tagged as a bestseller. For me, even though I read the book when it had its first cover, the second cover caught my eye.

Coming to the characters, Aranya is a girl who suffers from a disease called vitiligo since birth and because of which she has been subject to a lot of dislike in her life. When the first time Dhruv and Aranya meet, he too laughs at her. Kinda clichéd? Well, that is how Datta writes. Something clichéd mixed with facts with spices of humour, sex and fiction as condiments is a typical recipe for him. And boy does it work! Dhruv, on the other hand is a person who has seen a lot since childhood. After ‘falling in love all thanks to their differences in school’ they face a situation where one decision changes everything they had between each other. The other characters of the book- Raghuvir, Sanchit did a wonderful job in supporting the main leads. Even though I do not have a favourite character of the book, Raghuvir is someone who I liked. What I felt after reading the characters is that Datta could’ve written in a bit more details about the supporting characters and could’ve cut short a bit on the childhood of the main leads. Given the fact that this is the thickest of all of his books, I guess this was the maximum he could do.

Next, the story. A boy and a girl meet during their school days, they fall in love. Misunderstandings happen. They move on with their life hating each other (hating??) and then they bump into each other again during college. Trying to bring each other down and themselves on the up slot, they realise they are in love. I guess you are getting the flow here. I wouldn’t say more. In the beginning it is introduced that Aranya has a disease about which, apart from a few instances, nothing is mentioned. Either the author could’ve skipped that part or since he wanted to take the bold move, he could’ve written a bit more on it. How the girl lived her life, what she faced etc. Dhruv, too, seemed to be a very reckless person and carefree person and he could’ve brought him live but somehow something was lacking. It also goes without saying that the story was predictable.

Coming to the writing style, I would say that Datta has tried to improve himself a lot. But I personally feel, he does better with a co writer like If it’s not forever rather than writing alone. The command of his language when he is writing with a co writer is much more visible rather than him leaving it to the flow when he writes alone. Datta is known to be a writer who writes a lot of ‘sex scenes’ throughout his books. This book was no exception. Being a ‘book buff’ I would be very true here, I felt like he has to work a lot on his skills. There is a thin line between the brutal honesty in a scene and a cringe worthy scene. For me, in this book, it was the latter. Keeping all these points in mind and wishing him all the best for his future works, I would give this book 2.75 out of 5.