Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mind Rain- bring out the photographer inside you!

What are your first thoughts when you read the phrase “Mind Rain”..? I have varied thoughts. It starts with my mind where there is a steady stream of thoughts which quite often than not I forget to write on paper or even recapitulate. It is a phrase that brings with itself and is an amalgamation of creativity and passion. Creativity of everything around us and passion for our talent and the creation that comes forth because of the passion.
Some of us are writers, while some are photographers, different people have different talents but there is one thing that is common in all these talents and that is the passion to do their work and the creativity that is needed. An artist is what we term them. Art can be divided into two forms.
1)      That has a lot of meaning and complex to the naked eye.
2)      That has a lot of meaning but very simple to look at.
And the fact that both the types are reproduction of what a very simple thing, coming from our daily lifestyle can look from a different angle is all what art is about. focuses on art. What kind of art, if you ask me then I would say that they have no type. A group of creative people who are connected with one single love- photography- are the people behind the site.
The main aim of the site is to encourage everybody to click. For the owners of the site believe that when everybody comes together then the power created by it cannot be described. They swear by the power of photography and they want the world to know about the power too. With the inception of the site the owners have come up with a competition. Why competition to begin a website with? I asked them. Motivation, Was their prompt reply. In this ever competitive world, the best way to put your talent in the forefront is by competing.
Even though wonderful prizes are to be won this whole idea is to reach the masses like the amateur photographers who click for sure but they aren’t motivated enough to show it to the world. “Come out of the closet and show the world what you have. For fear keeps us behind but passion brings us forth” this is the main motto of Mind Rain.
With registrations coming from all over the world in just a few days of its release, Mind Rain has already stepped ahead of reaching their aim- to motivate the photographers to click. This site is a dream for photography enthusiasts. Amateurs and professionals- Take Note! The registrations for the competition are open. You just need to click a picture that you like, write a catchy caption to go with it and submit it. 15th June 2016 is the last date for registrations. So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time that you break free from the confines of the dilemma of good and bad and fly away to the world of appreciation waiting for you...
I have submitted my photo and registered myself. Have you?

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