Saturday, 5 March 2016

How about a SIN tonight? by Novoneel Chakraborty- a review

I would like to mention that I just finished reading this book, a book that has been in my bookshelf since 2013 and I have no clue why I didn’t read it till now. No, I don’t regret not reading it till now because after finishing it I knew that this was probably the perfect time to read Novoneel Chakraborty’s bestselling novel- How about a SIN tonight? The back cover of this sizzling book would give you a small idea of the characters…

According to the back cover- “Stardom was always a place I wanted to reach till I arrived there and realized it was a price” - Shahraan Ali Bakshi. A legend, a loner. “Love is only the realized part of a connection” – Kaash Sehgal. A sensation, a romantic. “If life’s a horny bastard, I’m a bitch in heat” – Nishani Rai. A diva, a prisoner. “Morality is not the moral of my story” – Reva Gupta. An icon, an opportunist. “Money is the only ugly thing I find sexy” – Neev Dixit. A heartthrob, a fool. When five very different and layered individuals of the Hindi Film Industry are roped in for one movie, everyone knows what to expect: the unexpected. From the bestselling author of A Thing beyond Forever and That Kiss in the Rain, comes a beguiling tale of love, ambition, revenge, and betrayal. How about a sin tonight? Will leave you asking for more.

To begin from where the back cover ends, yes, How about a sin tonight? Will leave you asking for more. If I have mentioned that the recent books of Novoneel Chakraborty (like Ex, Marry me Stranger and All yours Stranger) have beautiful quotes then How about a SIN tonight? Can be termed as a quotebook. Period. From the first scene to the last scene, every page of the book has quotes. Even the ink in the highlighter would be over but the quotes of this book won’t AND those quotes well become the mantra to living. You will find yourselves understanding, reacting and remembering them for every moment of your life.

Coming to the characters, Novoneel Chakraborty has always been known for his strong, powerful and impactful characters and the characters of this book are no less. There were times I hated certain characters and times I fell in love with certain characters from the introduction itself. Nishani Rai- ‘a diva, a prisoner’ – was my favorite till the end of the book and you have to read the book to see who you hated.

The cover of the book done in bright yellow, and contrasting pink, red and blue along with the jazzy shine does a very good job of grabbing the reader’s attention but for me, I prefer the first cover (done in black) more to the “National bestseller” cover. To speak of the story, I would say that the best part comes when all the characters come together.

 A major chunk of the book is given for the development of all 5 protagonists of the book and I felt that much was needed for giving this book a steady start. It was when all these characters come in contact with each other, having their pasts, their presents and their futures in their hand that you know finally that you are reading a novel written by Novoneel Chakraborty. There are moments that you feel like shouting “Only a Novoneel can do this!”

Now it’s time to speak of the cons of the book. Even though I can’t pin point to many errors but I would like to mention one. The most visible con of the book is that there are points where the author doesn’t seem like himself. Certain parts are there in the book where the author seemed to have been carried away into too much detail especially when it could’ve been shortened a bit keeping both the essence and the story intact and unharmed. But I guess these errors that I am pointing out are compliments in disguise cause this book is a much older book of the author and he has certainly gone a really long way from this book.

Keeping the cons aside, the book ended with a lump in my throat and it made me speechless. The only thing that was in my mind is that this book would stay with me forever. The effort that the author has made to write this book is visible and that is an achievement. Waiting for much better classics from him in the future, this book gets 4.25 out of 5 from me. I would like to quote the author at the end of the review by saying “Perfection should always be elusive. The moment you achieve it, you realize that’s the most imperfect thing ever!”

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