Thursday, 9 July 2015

For all cricket lovers; redesigned UC Browser!

Cricket is a religion and Sachin is God. I have grown up hearing this, but I have never grown interest in watching eleven guys running for one ball hit by another. I had started watching cricket because of the historical six sixes which changed me. Trust me, I am not writing this just because Yuvraj is there in the video, but he is the one for whom I have started watching cricket. He is cute, isn’t he? I started to learn the way the game is played just to see him playing.

Now, I can’t live without cricket. It is addictive, more than drugs. I can’t think how I had spent earlier days without watching this thrilling game. And Yuvraj is still my favorite player. You know the feeling of the first crush or the first gift or the first ride, then you would surely know how I feel about Yuvraj. I was the happiest when Yuvraj lifted the trophy and he was given the Man of the Series of the World Cup. A player with such calibre can’t be taken out by a mere cancer, I knew he will come back for the very first day when he was dropped. I prayed for him every time when I saw Indian playing without him.

Then came the day when it was official that Yuvraj is making his comeback. But certainly I was out of state. I was devastated with the thought that I would not be able to see him batting in his comeback match. Then I felt the requirement of an application which will keep me up to date about what’s happening in the match. Believe me there is not one such application in the market which has everything I need. Few had scores update but didn't have scoreboards, few had scoreboards but didn't have highlights. Can you imagine I had to almost miss Yuvraj’s comeback match which unfortunately India lost. From that day I was waiting for an application which will fulfil my requirements and I don’t have to install three application for one purpose.

Then came UC Browser. At first I couldn't believe a browser offering such features. But after getting recommendation from a trusted friend I downloaded the browser. First thing first, I loved the look. From the color combination to the font style I loved everything. And the browser is smartly designed. I didn't have to search for anything because almost everything is there right in front of me in that one browser. One touch in theUC Cricket and you are in. Live score updates with auto refresh option. Can you believe it, all this you can do through a browser not an application? I simply loved it and felt that this browser is made for me and all the cricket lovers. So it would be my suggestion to all my readers, download this super browser and enjoy cricket!

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