Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Change is the only thing that is constant

As history has it, change is something that is constant in every situation. Sometimes the change is good and sometimes bad. Sometimes, it might be for the good and sometimes for the bad. No matter how good or bad change is, the one thing that we can be sure of amongst all this is that, change is something that is one of the biggest contributions that our life gets in order to shape up our future in a more concrete way. There have been so many changes in one person’s life that it is next to impossible to keep a track on every change. But, there has to be certain good changes that have affected us in such a way that we can’t help but remember it and be thankful to it throughout our lives.

Men and women, both, go through changes in their lives in all stages. Women are one part of the society, who belongs to everybody. In one stage of their life, they are daughters. In the next stage, she is a sister. Following it, she is a wife. And then finally, she is a mother. In the circle of all these stages, she manages to be herself, be a woman. Today, being a woman, I would like to talk about the most significant change in a woman’s life. The day they get married. After years of living in their father’s home, uncontrolled, like a free bird, there comes a time when  they have to leave all that and go to a completely unknown house. Live with them; be theirs, as their daughter in law. This change brings with itself loads of other changes in the life of every woman.

The way they live, changes. Their mornings change, so does their nights. A girl who is used to live on her own now has to live on terms. But then, the change is for the better. Today, the person they are is a reflection of the kind of family they belong to keeping a side of their own house too. I remember, my best friend was a very tomboyish before her marriage. She was one girl who always used to run around, do random things without even caring about what others might think. She was sad, and lonely, I knew because I used to be her confidante. I still remember the day she got married, crying herself out and not letting me go. But today, when I see her with her husband and her 2 year old naughty kid, I know. She is one happy woman in her life. She had everything that she always wanted to. Her life has changed a lot she has become more responsible and more down to earth.

There was line which I wrote long back and the quote I made, still rings in my ears very often – “The girl who sits on the wedding seat, is entirely different from the woman who emerges from it…!” Changes, give way to a new confidence in everyone’s life that we never knew were there. Whether it is good or bad, the only thing that is in our hands is to accept the change and embrace it, for we should know that it will help us form our future in one strong way.

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