Friday, 13 February 2015

Ramayana, Shattered Dreams, Book 2 by Shubha Vilas: a review

The cover and the presentation of the whole book along with the fact that I have already read the first part of the series, made me attracted towards the book at first sight. I knew, no matter what I had to read it. Such was the effect that stayed after reading the first book. The best part of the second book of the series is that it starts just where the last one ends. And if you are a bit particular, then I don’t think that you would’ve missed a few chapters of book 2 in book 1 that intensifies the urge to read the book.

According to the blurb- Shattered dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana- The game of life. Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of Book 1. Now, in Shattered Dreams, Shubha Vilas narrates the riveting drama of Rama’s exile. Through tales of Rama’s unwavering and enigmatic persona, the book teaches us how to handle reversal positively; through Bharata’s actions, it teaches us to handle temptation; and through Sita’s courage, to explore beyond our comfort zone. This complicated family drama provides deep insights on how human relationships and how they fail. With Valmiki’s Ramayana as its guiding light, Shattered Dreams deftly entwines poetic beauty from the Kamba Ramayana and Ramacharitamans, as well as folk philosophy from the Loka Pramana tales, to demonstrate how the ancient epic holds immediate relevance to modern life. Experience the ancient saga of the Ramayana like never before!

To begin with, I would like to thank the cover designer for giving us such an artistic vision to look at with the cover. After reading the blurb when I started reading the book, I couldn’t help myself from being carried away with the author’s work. Calling it a philosophical book would be the perfect definition that I would like to give to the book. I would also compliment the author for being the spiritual guide throughout the book for all its readers. There is one special quality of the book that is the book is readable for people of all ages and that makes it one awesome book.

Throughout the pages, the only thing I could feel was to be mesmerized on how the author has penned down pages of Ramayana in such a wonderful way which is relatable to all. The struggle that the characters had to go through has been described in a very nice way. Along with the story, I really loved the way the author has given importance to the fact that this is a self-help book. At the end of the book, or rather at the end of most pages, one goes on with a feeling of something new learnt.

If this is how Indian tradition and customs are to be recite to the people of today’s time for better understanding, I would like to recommend this book to all my readers and even as a self-help book for institutions. The notes and points given inside the book, along with the story gives the book a very natural feel and at times, you can actually feel someone sitting in front of you and dictating you the whole thing by making you understand it line by line and word by word.

Coming to what I didn’t like in the book was that, people who haven’t read the Book 1 of the series is in for a miss. I would always recommend reading the first part of the book before starting the second part so that you get the flow of the story. Yes, we all are acquainted with Ramayana and that’s why maybe the exact flavor can be taken in with just the book 2 but at places, a book 1 reading is necessary. Another thing I missed in this book is the insight of the next book. Apart from that, I would like to call this book a very enriching read. A hundred marks for the presentation, I would like to rate the book 4.75 out of 5.

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