Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spot Girl by Komal Mehta: a review

A spot boy/girl, as described by the authoress and as known to the world is a person found only in the Indian Film Industry looking after all the needs of the actors and actresses, no deed is too big or too small and the person has to abide by everything. When I saw the cover and I read the name, I had a feeling that the book would be about the same spot boy/girl but didn’t know that my intuition is going to be somewhat wrong …

According to the back cover- The greatest disaster in Bollywood is love! Jia is living her greatest dream. She’s the manager-cum-girl-Friday of the country’s hottest film star, Shezad Khan! She loves her job and she loves her boss. However, her wonderfully stressful life hits a low when Shezad gets romantically involved with an up-and-coming actress. She soon finds her picture-perfect existence clouded with self-doubt and heartbreak. From Mumbai to Cannes, Spot Girl is the journey of an ordinary girl who ends up finding something ‘real’ in this fascinating world of ‘make believe’!

Coming from the wonderful pen of bestselling authoress Komal Mehta, Spot Girl has huge expectations on her shoulders. The first scene or rather the prologue of the book just swept me off and especially being a girl, I loved the scene to the fullest. The narrating style was something that caught my eye and it is a wonder to see the authoress maintaining her style throughout the book.

To the characters I would say, I loved the way the characters have been chosen which gave them a very much lively feel. Jiya, Shezad, Ayesha, Falak and all the characters were brought in and brought out very appropriately which resulted in (as far as I believe) no loose ends on the story point of view.
Using facts from the real life, situations from the real life gave this book its much needed effect. Though the characters were fictitious, the real life subtle character mentions were perfect to give this book the ‘filmi’ yet real life effect. The facts that the authoress has presented in the book can surely make any film lover, love the book.

The feelings attached to Jiya while she is narrating the whole story and while talks about films can make any film lover fall for her. Though, my favorite character was Falak for what he is; I really liked the way Jiya has been portrayed. Story wise, though it might seem like a normal mills and boons chick lit, it ain’t so; it is much more than that.

For me, I felt that the story has a pace with which it moves and at places, the readers might feel the need of running a bit fast on the story. A few twists and turns could’ve been added to the story to make it more interesting. The end is very beautiful, leaving the readers smiley-faced. I also felt that this book is mostly for girls because there is nothing much for guys in the book.

But be it girls or boys, for a film lover this book is surely a must read. A bit more descriptions, adventure could’ve made the readers go ‘aaawwww’ over the book. A bit of silly mistakes were also spotted which are easily forgotten and are not of much importance. All in all, this book is a very beautiful one time read giving all its readers a nice time with the book; falling in love with its characters and the facts presented. I would like to rate it 4 out of 5.

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