Thursday, 11 September 2014

Even God Doesn't Know! by Rajeev Pundir: a review

The cover with very bold colors and much specified objects in it, made it look all the more appealing to the readers. The title Even God Doesn’t Know! By Rajeev Pundir adding to the glam factor of the book. The cover, according to me does its best in conveying to the readers what the book is all about. The triangle between the protagonists, the different states of mind of them also is clearly visible in the cover and that makes it perfect for the book.

According to the blurb- Amar and Akbar are bosom friends Rekha is their classmate while studying in an engineering college. Where Akbar and Rekha fall in love, Amar also has a crush for Rekha which changes into a one-sided love affair and gradually into an obsession. He continues to endure his feelings for Rekha for years together, silently. A sudden mishappening in Akbar’s family changes the lives of all the three overnight. Will Akbar be able to marry Rekha? What role Amar’s obsession for Rekha plays in their lives? The novel unfolds the story of the threesome lead by infatuation, possessiveness, obsession, love, hate, doubt and greed against the backdrop of premonitions.

It’s tough to describe my first feelings about the book cause after reading the blurb and the cover when I turned to the first page of the book; I didn’t know what to expect from the book. With a fresh mind when I was prepared for it, I started flipping the pages. And what I saw, I have no words to describe.

The way the characters have been introduced and the scenes have been narrated was nice and the narration was something that kept me interested and hooked to the book till the last of the book. The book had very precise characters- Amar, Akbar and Rekha. And the characters had very precise and to-the-point roles in the book.

The book had all the things needed to be a perfect family book. It has friendship, love, jealousy, possessiveness, infatuation, fights and even family drama in it. The story goes on in a very smooth way in a very balanced speed which gives the readers time to flow with the story.

If I am to note the flaws, I might say that I had found many. According to me, the story was a bit old and seemed to be already told. There were grammatical errors in the book and printing errors were also there. I also believe that somewhere the story was a bit loose in its base. A bit shortened version of the story with interesting twists and turns could’ve made this book just it.

I felt that maybe the story has been unnecessarily dragged at parts. Even though, I liked the end which made me uncertain of my reaction. Keeping all the things in mind, I want to give this book 3.25 out of 5. Waiting for more to come from the author and moreover, wanting to read a more improvised version of this book.


  1. Thanks Vanya for your honest review. I definitely would like to improvise as per your suggestions.

    1. Thank u for appreciating! Will wait for a better version!
      Keep writing!!

  2. Dear Vanya ji,
    My second book "Song of A Flying Sparrow" has been released. Please send me your address so that i could manage to send you my book for your kind review. You can check it on in Exclusive section.A
    Rajeev Pundir