Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Emotions Unplugged by Vishal Anand: a review

A bright green touch to the otherwise black and white life of everyone in today’s time surely makes this book an instant grab for readers of all age groups. Teemed with the title, Emotions Unplugged; debut author Vishal Anand makes this a really wonderful read. Did I mention that the name of the publisher also plays a part here? Moments it is!

According to the back cover- Emotions Unplugged is a collection of 15 short stories based on different genres. Diksha, travels through the roads of Mumbai a day prior to her divorce with her husband, Virain; Gauri steals the money from her master’s locker and runs to her village; Rizwan works as a laborer in construction sites at Dubai in spite of being the son of a rich man from Bangladesh; Samar gets last gift of love from his grandmother after her death; Patrick believes after visiting a state that he has visited a country, he still had to visit 27 more countries in India; Rajat spends the night in different bars with a friend to meet a lady, Palak; an old lady who believes in her religion and hates Muslims finds an indigestible truth when she visits her daughter’s home; Vinit falls in love with a veiled girl while travelling in Delhi metro to reach his office everyday and a lot more. Numerous emotions pluck in to bring a thought provoking cocktail. Indeed pen is mightier than sword, and words have potential to bring the change. And surprisingly you never know when it does.

Yes, as the blurb says; it surely is as interesting as it gets. While reading the book, I could feel a myriad of emotions flowing through me. Relating myself to most of the characters of the stories represented in the book.

I would like to congratulate the author and the publisher for it’s because of them that the book is easy to hold and easy to read, making it a perfect coffee table book. The stories presented in it surely gives the readers a picture of the amount of research the author has put in to make the book what it is now.
One of the perks of the book is the fact that it is a collection of short stories (with a moral) other than the regular novels that we read. Through this book, the author has very well nurtured the narrating style while writing different kinds of stories.

All the stories had a feeling of their own with a moral of their own. I loved the fact that every story begins with a quotation from some renowned people. No story felt repetitive and that made the book all the more interesting.

Among the drawbacks of the book, I would like to state that most of the stories needed a proper proofreading because many errors were spotted which might, at places drop the speed of the book.

A few stories, if written in a more descriptive way would’ve made the book just wonderful. 

Nonetheless, a very nice and thought enriching read; I would like to rate it 3.75 out of 5 waiting for more to read from the author.

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