Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rhythm of Love by Rahul Prasad Kanu: a review

Quoting a line from the blurb “For a very few, it beats, beats and beats, the count becomes meaningless…..” Rhythm of Love by debut writer Rahul Prasad Kanu brings about this aspect of heartbeats in a whole new way! With an attracting title for the book, it becomes one very attracting book among the others in this category at first glance

On the back cover- Everyone has a heart, an organ which pumps blood. For more heads, it beats 72 times a minute but for a very few, it beats, beats and beats, the count becomes meaningless the moment you feel the ‘Rhythm is not yours’. You are mesmerized!!! And when I say you cannot die at will. I mean it. God decides your day. Dorji is in love with Angel. Destiny writes their fate to meet in college. Dorji is ready to take his chances but when chances are for glances, you deserve to be in trouble. This is the story of Dorji- a warrior. This is his journey of falling in love and adoring love intricately entwining college, friendship, drugs and passion for love. Will Dorji succeed in his quest for Angel? Can honest endeavor unfold the path to glory and the difference between loving and being loved? Will his dream meet his desires? This is the story from ‘The Land of Thunder Dragons’ Bhutan. The chase of Dorji is on, Lub Dub, Lub Dub!!!

Characters- To begin with, I found the characters of Dorji, Namgay, Mr.Purbha, Angel to be very crisp and well maintained. From the very beginning of the book till the very end, the author has done his best in maintaining the flow of the characters and keeping the characteristics intact. At one point I felt that there were a bit too many characters introduced but then the author was able to manage the whole scenario in a very nice way.

Coming to the story, the way the writer has framed the story makes a direct impact on the readers as they join Dorji on his journey of love. The incidents and ambience created by the author was well thought of making the readers feel as if they are a witness to the scene which added to the star studded feature of the book.

Even though the name of the characters and places (the native of Bhutan) seem to be attracting the readers at every point, it also seem to be standing as a downfall of the book because for readers who are not familiar with the Bhutanese names may seem to fumble with the names at points creating a break at some points of the read.

The narrating style, according to me, could’ve been articulated a bit more which could’ve resulted in a more interesting read for every reader. At a few places I felt that scenes are a bit stretched unnecessarily or the scene could’ve been written in a better way. All these small mistakes here and there made the readers read very slowly reducing the rating of the book. The end was pretty nice as compared to the whole book, giving a strong message with it! To this book, a onetime read, I would like to give a 3.5.

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