Saturday, 16 August 2014

Metamorphing by Kunal Pancholi: a review

Have you ever been fascinated by murders? How crime takes place? Ever been humiliated in front of the whole school because you were shorter than the shortest girl in your school? Or maybe woke up one day only to find out that you have no idea who you are or where you are from? Kunal Pancholi, in his debut fiction shares just that.

According to the back cover- 28th April, 2000 Flight No. 9*876 bound to Srinagar has crash landed into the Everest base Camp. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the flight mysteriously went off the radar for few minutes and missed its landing. All passengers are feared dead… except for three bodies that are yet to be recovered. 8th December, 2050 this without doubt is the most gruesome murder in recent times. Early this morning, an unidentified woman was found mutilated at the western gates of the abandoned Victoria Terminus station in Mumbai. Authorities report her head was.. Well.. Semi-decapitated and she was drained of all her blood. The shocking part- the crime scene was devoid of any signs of blood spatter…

After reading the blurb, any reader can feel the heat rising as he/she is forced to read the story at one go. Talking about the characters, well; the characters of Rudra and Rohan has been very well thought of and written in a wonderful way such that the readers get to the flow of the story automatically.

The concept of the story has been wonderfully sketched out. A person who has a height complex, who suffers from a plane crash and returns to his normal life after being in a state of delusion for 5 years, only to see everything has changed, yet not much. 

A person who suddenly wakes up one day and notices that he has forgotten everything related to his past. He gets back to his life after a fingerprint test which tells him who he is and where he stays and he goes with the flow, only to be getting more and more revelations on the way.

The narrating style of the author, jumping from Rohan’s life to Rudra’s life and back again piques up the readers interest as it gains momentum; arousing the readers to read the complete book at one go.
The book, however; has a very slow start. After quite some time, the readers might feel a bit bored owing to the scenes being stretched so much; but the ‘climax’ of the book or rather of the story gains the readers’ trust at the perfect point and re-emerges as a promising read.

As for the grammatical mistakes were concerned, there weren’t much and the last few pages were OMG! For me, I loved Rudra’s parts the most; he being my favorite character. And so, to end it; I would like to rate this book 3.75 out of 5 expecting more from the author in the future.

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