Thursday, 10 July 2014

Your Love Was All I Had! by Kaushal Kumar Jha: a review

The cover and the name surely speak the book out to the readers. The title, thoroughly describing the book does its best in captivating the readers at first glance. Everything has its own significance and the title, cover and blurb justifies this very saying.

On the back cover- Rahul loved Riya. Riya loved Rahul. Rahul is a Medico, Riya is a non-medico. Rahul is from North India, Riya is a Maharashtrian… and the differences were endless. But, love never saw their differences before connecting their hearts. Will they be able to keep their commitments in Love? Would they prioritize Love instead of their families and careers? Will this love story end with smiles on their faces? ‘Your love was all I had,’ a story about the journey of an aspiring doctor in Mumbai; from his life in a small town, to his migration to a bigger city for earning a degree in medicine and the quintessential degree in ‘Love’! A story about two people who are destined to fall in love, but not destined for each other’s company, for a ‘happily ever after’ story. This book hopes to acquaint you with the real meaning of love in the age of social networking, where love begins on walls of ‘facebook’ profiles and ends on confession pages!

The story starts with the narrator, Kaushal, introducing himself to his readers and then leading himself to the main character, Rahul and then to the story of his life. For me, I found the beginning very interesting and the style of writing too.

The way the story progresses, it leaves the reader glued to the book and smile with the narrator. The narrating style is fresh and is a feel good in the book. The author has, very well described the flaws of the society and its thinking.

It’s about opposing the quintessential society and fighting for love but is love more important than the society? Will love be able to overcome the conservative thoughts of the society or will they sacrifice? This is what the book is about.

Keeping in mind that it is a debut book, the author has surely done his best in describing everything and assembling the plot. As the describing style is new, the readers would surely want to read more of the author.

For me, I felt the story and the narration was the same story on a different platter.  It could’ve been written in a better way, in a different style but nonetheless, it is a nice read. Apart from that, there were many mistakes in the book. Grammatical errors. Proper proofreading would’ve taken it to a whole new level. For me, it’s 3.5 out of 5.

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