Saturday, 28 June 2014

Buried Echoes by Marta Franceschin: a review

Doesn’t the name ‘Buried Echoes’ strike a bell? For me, it does. Imagine all those pain you have once endured quietly, echoing back to you when you are alone? Buried echoes are one book which will show you just that.

As a reader, (not being biased) I have been very much fond of the quality of books by Vitasta Publishing. Starting from the cover quality to paper quality till the designing. Even the matter inside the book keeps me till the end.

Buried Echoes is one such book which is unique in its own way. Two stories in one book. Two names- Agafia’s Suitcase and Dear Father who art in heaven; even two covers. The presentation is something with which I had fallen in love at first sight.

Coming to the first story—Dear Father who Art in Heaven

A girl grows upon a nightmarish world of abuse, neglect and loneliness. With a dying mother and a tyrant father, life has very little to offer. But for how long can one be a mute victim? While a desire for avenge is natural some questions remains to be unanswered. What if this relationship of abuse & domination is the only relationship she has ever known? Being a victim has been her only identity so far and violence has become an inextricable part of her. How will she ever emerge from this? Or will she ever at all?

The authoress has described the pain so well that I had goose bumps throughout the book.  The narrating style, the wonderful mesmerizing way of description can keep anyone hooked to it.
The pain, the anguish a girl feels from her father since birth is described in an inspiring way. What happens when that endured pain bursts? The story is all about that. A perfect end to a perfect story.

The next one- Agafia’s Suitcase

Jilted by her lover on her eighteenth birthday, Agafia decides that she will “go far away to start a new life.” That is when she gets her first suitcase. From being a laborer in a tobacco field to working as a domestic help in Italy, life is a continuous struggle for Agafia. But surprisingly, her story is not merely an endless saga of pain; what shines through, apart from her incredible capacity to endure, is her zest for life. Pain, deception and even violence are not enough to prevent her from falling in love yet again. But will this love be any different from the ones she has known in the past?

Agafia… well she is just like everyone else yet she is so someone very different. The way the story has been etched; the characterizations, the descriptions. It has been a treat to the eye.

Love, pain, destruction, life, rebounds- the story is perfect in every sense. To all readers, I’m sure; Agafia would have an uncanny similarity making them more relatable.

Saluting the authoress for Buried Echoes and hoping to read much more from her. I would rate this perfect book a 5 out of 5.

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