Saturday, 31 May 2014

Minds @ Work 2: a review

Minds @ work! Well yes, minds are surely at work. An anthology of handpicked poetry from 25different authors all over the country makes it all the more special. Coming to the book-

Shalini Katyal- showing life as it is, the poetess have done total justice to the poems. ‘Melting desires’ is my favorite from the lot.

Sandhita Agarwal- talking of love, betrayal etc; one would have to read the poetess’s poems. Each poem has a heart touching tale to tell. ‘The dark passenger’ being my favorite.

Ila Garg- ‘I lose it all’ being the best of all he poems written by the poetess, I am particularly fond of the issues the poetess brings forth. A feeling of sadness covers all the poems.

Barkha Parikh- The first poem by the poetess was on a serious note, nice try by the writer. But then the poetess turned to write chubby poems which were quite cute. ‘Truly, madly, deeply chocoholic’ was one I loved.

Sanhita Baruah- mentioning specifically one poem from the collection by the poetess seems out of context because I loved all the poems. The feelings the poems give is something I can’t even explain in words.

Dr.Rajdeep Kosade- The main thing I liked about the poet is the unique names he gives to his writings, making them stand apart in the crowd. ‘Wrist cutter’ being my favorite.

Neelam Chandra Saxena- the poems written by the poetess is a reader’s delight. ‘Much beyond that’ and ‘my dear pup’ being my favorite two, I loved the way she injects life in her poems through her writing.

Nikhil Chandwani- being a poem lover, I love rhythmic poetry. The poet has provided me something that I love leaving me mesmerized. ‘At this instant of time’ is my most favorite.

Yaseen Anwer- the only reaction I can give after reading the poet is that his writings are a masterpiece. ‘Nothing ends nothing stays’ and ‘mourning’ are two great poems I have read till date. Their effect stays for a long time after reading it.

Waseem A Malla- Love; a difficult thing to express and more difficult to explain. The poet in his poems has described love so beautifully that I couldn’t help but read all at a stretch. ‘It is: a ghazal’ being the most loved by me.

Lovita J.R. Morang- the poetess surely knows how to articulate certain words for certain places. ‘Abbot of Abattoir’ being my favorite, I would’ve loved all if certain things were written in a simple way.

Aman Jakhar- as soon as I read the first poem by the poet ‘she is no prostitute’, I loved the style. It keeps the reader’s attention and plays with their mind. ‘Wait’ is one more favorite of mine.

Sadia Khan- the poetess’s writing style kept me whining for more after reading the few pieces by her. I loved the way she described giving the poem a life-like touch. ‘Night traveler’ being the first and the best.

Rokhan Kachalia- romance taken to a whole new level is what I can say while describing the poet. ‘Knot of love’ makes butterflies dancing all around you and makes you read it again. The perfect usage of words makes it even better.

Nehali Lalwani- written in a variety of topics and feelings, the poetess has done her best in what she has written. ‘I bet’ being my favorite, I would love to read more from her.

Lt. Col. Ankita Shrivastava- wonderful choice of titles, I loved the way the poetess has inked her feelings. ‘A perfect evening’ being my favorite, I got immersed in every word she wrote.

Soham Majumdar- ‘words which means more than just words’ being my favorite because the poet has proved the same. With his poems he has proved that words are much more than words.

Prateek Singh- the best part of the poems by the poet is the description of life in a very simple yet, enchanting way. ‘The treader of a lonesome path’ being my favorite.

Renu Sethi- the only word I am supposed to use right now after reading the poetess’s poems is incredible. Picking up one best from the lot is tough. Will just say that if one wants to read heart-touching simple words, this is the poetess to read.

Janaki Nagaraj- Perfect description of feelings, living it up to the mark. The poetess has done her best in enriching her poems. ‘Enigma’ being my favorite.

Vijayeta Tirkey Kataria- in just two poems she has been able to describe love and life to the fullest. ‘One life to live’ being my favorite, I want to read more from the poetess.

Meghant Parmar- life, love, soul; three very interesting subjects to write upon. The poet has done full justice to the three. ‘Alone and aloof’ being my favorite.

Surbhi Thukral- ‘my fate’ and ‘a promise’ being my favorite, I loved the way the poetess have described everything. Perfect usage of words makes the reader feel for the poem.

Shweta Kesari- Every poem showing one different flavor, the poetess surely captures hearts. ‘Some lost days’ is my favorite from the lot.

Anjali Khurana- a perfect ending to the anthology. The after effects of the poems stay with as I say ‘this too shall pass’

The finest poems chosen together and sewed into one beautiful book, minds @ work 2 will always have a special part in my heart as one of the best poetry anthology I have read! But there are a few things I felt about the anthology. A bit compact version of the anthology would've taken it to a different level. Only for this one hitch, I would rate it 4 out of 5.