Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mother By Priyanka Bansal

This time…I will choose. Who are they to choose every time? And for everyone. I will have to do it. Once a lesson should be taught to them from someone whom they least expect. This time they will have to beg in front of GOD. But, I will play safe. I won’t let them have a hint of what I am planning.

My elder sisters played the whole day and did nothing. They broke the broom while playing, splashed water at each other while cleaning the bathroom, made noise while cleaning the utensils and spilled water all over the floor while sweeping it. My sisters were beaten up for doing nothing. Bloody idiots, how much work they expect from my sisters. I will take revenge. Idiots think that no one is watching them, but they had no idea, I was.  They will cry like never before. I will make them cry. And this is a promise.

My mother is also keeping unwell. She looks so weak. Has swollen feet and high BP. She eats less and pukes more. Keeps praying and crying .There is nobody to take care of her, instead she alone has to take care of my 3 elder sisters.

One day she was cooking in haste as she had an appointment with the doctor. My father had returned from his work and was pretty angry for some cause. He, for no reason started beating my mother. Two, Four, six……numerous slaps, he did not stop until my mother fainted. It hurt me badly.

After all, I was in her womb. And I am seven month old.

 But the doctor said all is well. My mother was perfectly fine. She has to continue with her old medicines and of course the daily household work. And she did it perfectly without complains. No one bothered for my mother, in pain. This was the time I had to take a decision, to be or not to be a part of this family. I decided, no, I cannot afford to be in such a bad state.

 So, by giving excruciating pain to my mother, I said goodbye to everyone and her 7 month old womb was no more.

My decision to do this was definitely painful for mother. But before doing this; I had a conversation with her.

‘Why do you bear this mamma and why does father behave like that with you?’I asked her
‘What can I do my baby? This is a male dominated society and your father always wanted a son, which I could not give. So, I am treated like this.’ she said
‘Ok mamma, I get it. So you mean if you give birth to a boy this time, he will treat you properly? Are you sure of it?’
‘May be, but I am not sure of it. Being treated so badly is my destiny now.’ She was crying ‘And this time also, I know, you are a little angel not a boy.’
‘So mamma; you are saying if I come, you will again be beaten up, and I also will have to work day and night like my sisters?’
‘My little angel, I promise, I will lay my life for you when you come in this world. But I cannot say about others. Every day you see your sisters working so hard. Will you be able to do this? Are you ready for all this, both before and after marriage? I leave up to you. I will be with you in your decision.’ She said

After thinking for a few hours I told her, ‘mamma, I don’t want such a life. What should I do?’

‘Just close your eyes and go in a deep sleep, rest I will handle.’ Mother replied

‘But mamma, this will give you immense pain, will you be able to bear it?’I asked.
‘Yes my angel, I will. Because the pain that I will have to face, watching you working and beaten up, will be more than this one.’ she took a deep breath.

And so, with our mutual consent, I closed my eyes and we both were happy.

My father came, pulled her up, saw her condition and then pushed her back against the wall. He was crying like a looser, a beggar as he had purchased everything in blue but my mother kept smiling even after being in so much pain.

My father pushed her along the wall and started begging again in front of GOD.

Author Info- Priyanka Bansal, an eminent Internationally Published Poetess (for the Brain’s Anthology of Winter Collection), a social activist, an Organ Donor, loves to write for a cause! Her faith In “HIM”, she believes, has brought her to what she is now. is where you can contact her. An interstate Basket Ball player and a trained Kathak Dancer, her motto in life is to be positive and headstrong.

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