Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Unsatisfied Satisfaactions by Riitik Babbar: a review

“Unsatisfied Satisfaactions...” doesn’t the name send tickling sensations down the spine? Yes, this quirky name did the same to me and thus the name went on to be the sole catalyst for irking me to read the book written by debutant author Riitik Babbar.

On the back cover- Unsatisfied satisfactions, a combination of two words, are the feelings when someone close to you, whom you loved the most, is no more in your life but you are still satisfied thinking about that someone’s wellbeing and happiness. You bequeath your happiness to see that person satisfied. Riitik, a common boy from a Punjabi family, fell in love with Niyati who belongs to a Brahmin family. After a good, unforgettable time spent together and having one of the best love moments anyone could think of, they dreamt of being together to measure every thick and thins of life. They thought that nothing in the world was strong enough to put them apart. No other relation was more important to them than theirs. And they were meant to be for each other truly, madly and deeply. But then, destiny, which made them meet first, played its game again and things changed with its one masterstroke.

Dressed in the colours of life, of love, the cover is a classy combination of Red, White and Black. A girl in red and a guy in black makes up a broken heart and that’s a pretty interesting and fresh thought and match perfectly with the title of the book.

Coming to the plot, the story is written mostly on the love story of Riitik and Niyati and the ups and downs of their life and how they face it. An inter-caste love of a Punjabi guy and a Brahmin girl is something to look forward to. The description of the typical tendencies of both the families is very interesting.

I, specifically, liked the way the author has described, introduced every place, character of the book. The characters of Riitik and Niyati have been well etched and can be related to any common guy or girl in everyday’s life. The beginning to a few chapters with shaeri’s and quotations are an interesting read.

With all these points, there have been a few downfalls of the book too. Firstly, about the storyline I felt that it is too common for any avid reader to guess what is going to happen next. Secondly, the writing style of the author could have been articulated. Though the words used, way the descriptions are done and a well proofread-ed script shows the author’s flair and grip on the language, the writer could’ve given a bit more work on the writing style and the storyline.

The storyline was very fast paced, not giving much time for the reader to keep pace with what happened when. But the ending is the show stealer. The urge to know what is going to happen next makes the reader forget the downfalls of the book. The story of every couple next-door who are bounded by destiny is all in all a good read and I would rate it 3 out of 5.

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