Saturday, 18 January 2014

Supernatural Diary by Devraj Sanyal: a review

Well, I guess, its time for me to modify the format in which I review.. I hope, with this one, I do justice to the format... Anyways, coming to the point... Supernatural Diary...
the title itself sends chill down the spine. And me, being really fond of these things, badly wanted to read the book.

On the Back cover: this boom is a research work on Supernatural phenomena mainly focused on haunting and their types. Its an effort to understand the spirit world closely with scientific explanations and logic. This book contains strange facts related to paranormal happenings. I have changed some names of the characters of those facts due to personal privacy. The aim to publish this book,is to enlighten the supernatural world.

Reading the back cover gives enough hints to the reader about what he/she is going to read.
Several unknown, interesting and scary facts about the supernatural world makes it a really interesting yet knowledgeable read for every reader.
The book is not just another book, its a 'quest' by the author himself where he himself visited every haunted place and discovered them himself.

Illustrations, examples, Most talked topics of the supernatural world and the Glossary of the terminology used by the researchers makes this book worth a read.
The only bad part of the book was that, one- the book was too small (it could've been a bit more researched and written) and two- the language could have been a bit articulated to give the correct feel to the readers.

All in all, giving us an insightful read and waiting for the sequel or rather the next quest by the author, I would give this one 4 out of 5.

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