Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dinner Date by Ishaan Lalit : a review

The title of the book "Dinner Date", the authors name "Ishaan Lalit" and the comment from Stutee Nag, MTV Splitsvilla made me glued to the book at first sight. I was very much eager to see what can a science fiction writer do apart from writing Science fiction. And I, personally am too happy to see the work of the author.
Well, starting from the blurb of the book, which explains about Sam Thomas, his life, his friends and the time in which he turned to be a well dressed, charming and successful man from a goofy, clueless kid. The blurb draws the attention of the reader to the core.
The book and the interesting narration keeps the reader glued to the book. The author knows how to make a reader laugh and cry at all the perfect places.
The book represents the life of a typical law student and that is why the readers can relate to it at each and every point of the story. The ending to the story leaves the reader with a huge smile on the face and that is quite appreciated.
All in all, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars, I would like to recommend this book to all kind of readers and I guarantee a fun time with the book. And of course, hearty congratulations to the author for attempting such a book and doing great with it.


  1. Thank You!
    I am very happy that you liked it.
    I am also pleased that you think that as a Sci-Fi author I did well to write a comedy.
    Critical reviews of readers who have read my books earlier mean a lot to me, because you are the guys who are actually watching me grow as an artist.
    Ishaan Lalit

    1. Talent Appreciated Ishaan.. Looking forward to more such writeups from u..