Saturday, 19 October 2013

Taken Already by Yaagneshwaran G : a review

To begin with, I would really like to congratulate the author, Yaagneshwaran, for attempting this book. He tried to attempt something which is not IN the MARKET right now, I mean, in the era of college romances or maybe mythological novels, books like TAKEN ALREADY are not really found or maybe not so many authors try attempting it. But, he attempted it and his success and courage are really appraisable.

Coming back to the book, the cover and the title of the book are really catchy. The blurb, when read, does its best to keep the reader in great suspense and the suspense is well maintained throughout the book.
The characters are very lively and well portrayed ensuring the readers to form an instant bonding with them. Along with the characters, the plot and the situations are very well knitted. The end was a real twist of tale which leaves the reader 'open-mouthed' in the end. My personal favourite character was the detective.

A total track change after his debut novel, A GROUP OF FOOLS, Yaagneshwaran did a wow job with this psychological thriller. The ending to the book leaves the readers craving for more.
There were small typing errors of the book but when the story line is good, these things are negligible. All in all, this book is a must one time read for all kinds of readers and I would like to give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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