Thursday, 17 October 2013

Emotional Fool by Selva Ganapathy : a review

When I received this book for the first time I really loved the cover of the book. The image and the mirror image is very wisely chosen and very apt for the name and theme of the book. The name also, proves to be perfect content-wise for the book.

This book also portrays a new form of writing. It is not a book but we might call it a Blook. A Blook is a new trend where a personal blog is reformatted into a book. The writing style having atypical characteristics like timeline and context. i loved the idea of the blook.

The story revolves around Selva (the author and the main protagonist) where he narrates his life story and everything that is going around in it.
The main theme of the story revolves around Selva's best friend and love, Priya. How they Meet and what happens in their life after they meet is what you would have to look forward to in the story.

The biggest drawback of the book was its spelling and grammatical errors, the book was not a well edited one. Apart from that, I felt that the story was also a very regular story having nothing new in it.
Nonetheless, the new form of writing makes the story a good read.
All in all I would like to rate the story 3 out of 5 stars.

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