Tuesday, 22 October 2013


           Ever since I saw Samar, my best-friend, with his new girlfriend, I too felt an urge within to have someone by my side. Updating the relationship status on facebook, changing profile pictures into a couple pic, cuddling her in front of friends, making her sit on his lap, calling her shona and baby in front of everyone, talking from 11 pm to 6 am with those night-calling packs cut down from the pocket money, going on dates, paying for her recharge top-ups etc. Samar did all these things and I was limited to urges.
           “The girl you want should be a Vegetarian Hindu! I won't bound you with caste as it nowadays doesn't really matter.” said my parents. Family with prejudices, every family was induced with one. I never had a crush, first step to love or it was what I thought. Every girl in my college looked normal to me, not the one for me. Even though I like some, they were the one occupied, no vacancy for a new entry. I had faith, one fine day I surely will have a crush, my dream girl. All I needed was her to be a Vegetarian Hindu!
           One fine day, in the canteen, I spotted my first crush. Fair as cream, eyes similar to a flashing mirror, perfectly shaped and beautifully toned body with ample of cuts and curves, pouted rosy lips- lustrous and reflecting which had a chicken- leg-piece affixed between her teeth trying to rip the flesh off the bone. She was a Non-vegetarian. I tried to console myself, what if she is a non-vegetarian? Milk was also a non-veg product and I drank it everyday, in fact my whole family did! Moreover the restaurants we ate in, who know that they would make our food in a separate pan, specially for a veg meal? I said so within to assure myself and to cling on to her thoughts in my mind. Fortunately she was in my class, I was the happiest of all. Students were called in front of the class for a short introduction, this being the first class. It was her turn now. “Hello everyone. My name is Md. Ruksar Ali Begum.”
Written by:
Ravi Raj.......

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Taken Already by Yaagneshwaran G : a review

To begin with, I would really like to congratulate the author, Yaagneshwaran, for attempting this book. He tried to attempt something which is not IN the MARKET right now, I mean, in the era of college romances or maybe mythological novels, books like TAKEN ALREADY are not really found or maybe not so many authors try attempting it. But, he attempted it and his success and courage are really appraisable.

Coming back to the book, the cover and the title of the book are really catchy. The blurb, when read, does its best to keep the reader in great suspense and the suspense is well maintained throughout the book.
The characters are very lively and well portrayed ensuring the readers to form an instant bonding with them. Along with the characters, the plot and the situations are very well knitted. The end was a real twist of tale which leaves the reader 'open-mouthed' in the end. My personal favourite character was the detective.

A total track change after his debut novel, A GROUP OF FOOLS, Yaagneshwaran did a wow job with this psychological thriller. The ending to the book leaves the readers craving for more.
There were small typing errors of the book but when the story line is good, these things are negligible. All in all, this book is a must one time read for all kinds of readers and I would like to give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Friday, 18 October 2013

I Played a Game With Life by S. Richardson : a review

The first time I saw the name of the book on Facebook, I knew that no matter what, I had to buy the book and that is what I did. I bought the book and read it. First of all, the name of the book had left a big impact. I played a game with life. It leaves a question in every readers mind and they would want to know how the game with life is played.

secondly, the cover is full of life. The blurb of the book talks about Sam (the main protagonist) and his life, his girlfriend, his family, his career. The book is all about how Sam plays the game with life.

Coming to the story, in the era of college romances and all, picking up a different level of story was really brave of the author. And the story doesn't dissapoint at all. It makes you laugh and cry at all the right places. A book full of life I must say. Everyone can relate to the story at one point or the other. The entire story and specially the end was great giving us the opportunity to wait for a sequel.

However, one drawback of the story was repeated lines and a few printing errors here and there which were negligible.
All in all,it was a page turner and I would like to see this book rising ahead of all owing to the storyline giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Emotional Fool by Selva Ganapathy : a review

When I received this book for the first time I really loved the cover of the book. The image and the mirror image is very wisely chosen and very apt for the name and theme of the book. The name also, proves to be perfect content-wise for the book.

This book also portrays a new form of writing. It is not a book but we might call it a Blook. A Blook is a new trend where a personal blog is reformatted into a book. The writing style having atypical characteristics like timeline and context. i loved the idea of the blook.

The story revolves around Selva (the author and the main protagonist) where he narrates his life story and everything that is going around in it.
The main theme of the story revolves around Selva's best friend and love, Priya. How they Meet and what happens in their life after they meet is what you would have to look forward to in the story.

The biggest drawback of the book was its spelling and grammatical errors, the book was not a well edited one. Apart from that, I felt that the story was also a very regular story having nothing new in it.
Nonetheless, the new form of writing makes the story a good read.
All in all I would like to rate the story 3 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

When Strangers Meet by K. Hari Kumar : a review

For a long time I was thinking to start a new reviewing blog but was in a great dilemma, was not getting any good book to start my blog with. But my wait is over. I finally got a book which can mark the beginning of my review blog and that book is none other than When Strangers Meet by K.Hari Kumar. First of all I would like go congratulate the author for writing this awesome book.

There were a few things which dragged me to buy the book. Firstly, it was the cover. The illustrations by Sakshi Garg were mind blowing. Secondly, I loved the title of the book and the subtitle... "sometime all it takes is a stranger's tale to bring your life back,on track..." and thirdly, I loved the blurb of the book. The suspense it creates in the minds of the readers is really interesting and I must tell you, the book was worth the wait. Published by Shrishti Publishers, this book is worth all the money spent on it.

Going to the story and its content, I would like to say that the story is a very inspiring one. The relationship between a father and a son couldn't have been expressed in a better way. The way how the stories of three very different people from different backgrounds simultaneously has been very well handled by the author. The book has the perfect mix of action, comedy, drama, suspense and of course romance. The story has the capability of making a reader laugh and cry at the perfect moment. The suspense of the book makes it a perfect page-turner.

To know what happened to the three of them, you just need to buy the book. All in all, I would like to give this great story 5 out of 5 stars...

Friday, 4 October 2013

For You...

All the thoughts that occupy my mind
Have bade me a forever goodbye;
New thoughts prevail of you and us
And I am happy, not destroyed...

You made me strong, you made me happier,
Trust me love, this love makes me a lot heavier;
But thanks to your love, thanks to your care
I am here, living; with you, only you being my desire...

I so wish we never have to part,
Longing for your care, is just in my heart;
I promise you love, would be yours forever,
Just be with me baby, love me, that’s all I aspire...

                                ^LOVE AND BE LOVED^