Wednesday, 3 April 2013


That particular day called tomorrow..
When you were supposed to go and subject me with no more sorrow
When we met today after an age i guess..
I couldn't help it but the feeling inside my heart was really hollow ... (depressed)..
An age ago we dispersed and you still remember every part of it..
Every part of it means a lot to you, which once meant my life to me
I’ll store today in the calender of my heart..
Treasuring every moment, treasuring every part..
Till my last breath.. mind it dear.. till the very last breath
I’ll be there for you, will love you.. will try to fill the void in you..
Will be with you..
In your happy times and also the times of your ill health..

That day called tomorrow, i don’t know what will happen to us;
But one thing is for sure.. today’s memory.. is a part of me.. a part of my past..
 PS- i know the spelling of "Chevrolet" ....


  1. beautiful.. Each and every word is magical

    1. awwww... thanks a lot.. means a tonn to me.. :)